New Blood in the Daily Quotes

There are a couple of “Best Poker Quotations” conversations here, but there’s never been a direct connection to the quotes that pop up when you log on each day. Now there is! You should already be seeing some new quotes when you log on. Please post any good poker lines that you come across; I’ll keep an eye on this thread and add the best of them to what I hope will be a much longer list than in the past.

Quotes need not be instructional; entertaining is just as important. Lines from fiction are fine, or film or poetry or whatever, and so are lines from your very own self. But please include your source, in as much detail you can.

(And please be patient; new quotations are added to the bottom of a spreadsheet, which cycles through automatically. Could be awhile.)



Can’t you just take them from the “Daily Quotes “ Thread ? It’s kinda like double posting in 2 of the same threads . Some good poker quotes there. I would hate to post the same thing in 2 threads.

Also there is a book on Poker Qoutes you can take from if the pickings are slim.

Just sayin…

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Thanks, Craig. Yes, I’ve already scoured the other quotes thread and added the best of them to the “official” list. (Quite a few were already being used.)

Thanks also for the ref to the quotes book. I’ll try to find a copy.


Here is a line from one of my poems

"Cards of life in hand … Would you like another deal? "



Thanks! I like it! I’ve added it to the list.

Almost sounds like two-thirds of a haiku. Can you send me the full poem? Just for my enjoyment?


Excellent revival of the Poker Quotes topic started in 2015. Perhaps some of them could be brought back here.


Hi, Kate,

I’ve already gone through the “quotes” forum threads and grabbed the juiciest ones. Hoping for a massive infusion of new qs----enough to insure no repetition for, say, a year. If there are quotes from the earlier thread you haven’t seen for a while, please send them to me.


                               **No Name**

Politicians put round stone into square hole

Government paints dream of a no homeless goal

Dark specks on picture of society’s fruit bowl

How in God’s name could you know how they feel

For many forgotten, bench for bed only to real

Close eyes every precious creature receives evening meal

Part chosen from script of life … Never asked for the role
Stripped of worn brittle paint … Exposes silent lonely soul

Bend over son, while Big Brother greases the pole

Looking up to stand, forced to beg and only kneel

Picking at the scab, never allowing it to heal

Cards of life in hand … Would you like another deal?

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Poker quotation thread.

Best I can do to help you on your quest.
Best of luck.

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call the police 3 9’s

The qoutes on the daily chip giving on log in had a highlighted author name that took you to their bio.

That doesn’t happen anymore.
Why ? I liked it .


I wasn’t even aware of that; I’ll check on it. But I don’t think any quote from a Replay player has come up since we revamped the quote system a month or so back. I’ll see whether we can include links in the future. Thanks!


Yesterday and a few times before. Thanks for checking into that. I liked that part the best. It either went to a players bio or WIKI for the others.

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