Never say never

Around 6 years ago, after 41 years of marriage, my wife decided she had better things to do with her time then to spend it with me. When she left I was left with what felt like a huge hole in my chest where my heart used to be. Strange part is, before she left, we were getting along better than we have in many years. I was totally taken aback by her actions and had no clue why she decided to do this. After I got my head back straight I told myself that, if she didn’t return in a year, I would be done with her and would move on with my life. When that year had passed I had pretty much bottomed out and was pondering what reason I had to continue trudging through my miserable life.

Then I saw this pretty lady dancing by herself on the VFW dance floor and poof. We have been together for 4 years now and I can honestly say I’ve never been happier. I won’t go into details, but leave it to say my life changed completely over night and I have never looked back. Seems my ex did me a favor by leaving.

So, my point being…never give up. Life has a way of throwing curve balls that you don’t see coming. Just keep your chin up and your eyes open and be ready when that ball smacks you in the head.


So happy for you…my life is more like being hit over the head with baseball bats. Think I would prefer an arrow to the heart…oh wait, that’s painful. :smiley:


You are both wonderful! Thank you for reminding me, that life can be tough…but if we hang in, we only get tougher for life. Wonderful holidays to all and may we all have beautiful years ahead.