Never, ever, give up

So here’s how it started:

And here’s how it ended 15 hands later:

Yes - a massive amount of luck was involved. My first two hands at the start of the run were all-ins no matter what I was holding. I mean, what else could I do? Blinds exceeded my “stack,” and I figured I was on my way out so time to just “rip off the band-aid”. (and yes, I’m using the term “stack” very loosely. Those 722 chips were more of a “donation pile” than a stack) I even typed a sincere “gg” to both my opponents before I went “all in” simply because I was done and I knew it. Yep - I was done.

Until I wasn’t.




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And guilt. Maybe a bit of guilt. Nahhhhh - there’s no guilt in poker. Misery, Joy, confusion - but no guilt.

Anyway, one thing I think might be kind of funny:

Most people would look at the baby GIF I put up there and think it represents me triumphantly screaming after that last hand.

Au Contraire!

The way I see it, the baby represents the other two players - I’m the pretty lady behind him with the “Did I do that???” smile.

Except I’m not a lady. But if I were, I’m like 85% certain I would be pretty. OK, 84.