Need to change call button location so its not behind one another

while playing today it had come to be by turn .when i clicked on the call button it didnt seem to acknowledge my call ,iclicked again and by doing this it checked the call any bet button causing me to be all in . Both things are one behind the other and by the time you relize it, its to late

So basically we should move the buttons so they don’t overlap and hence can mistakenly click the wrong button. Seems like a good idea - thanks.

I think this need to be re-think the whole panel. The first part

“when i clicked on the call button it didnt seem to acknowledge my call”

is already under reviewed by the staff. Have been promissed the recognition time they try to shorten. :slight_smile: TX

The second part as some button overlap, say “check” , if the previous player raise, thet “check” tick box overlapped by the red “call”. After 3 year play on the site, sometime still misstakenly hit the red call , when I dont want it to.

Was your response January 11, 2011? Button still has not moved as requested. Here is my story -

Just joined a table and was first bet, which I just checked. I must have hit checked several times thinking system did not accept the choice. Before I noticed that system accepted the Check, the Call Any button was turned on. Other 2 players went all in and without realizing what happen I went on in. I definitely would have folded. How often is this selection really used? Move this button.

Thanks for the feedback jls312131. I agree 100%, the reason why we haven’t done this already, is that we’ve put the current Flash game client in maintenance mode. That basically means we’re not making any further updates to it, because we’d prefer to spend our time on the new version of the game client, which will be in HTML5. What’s holding that up, is we’re working on a big infrastructure project right now, and a new version of the poker server, that will work in parallel with the new HTML5 game client. To cut a long story short, this year players aren’t going to see a mass of changes with the site, but 2017 is going to be one hell of a year! And we’ll have the runway we need to grow for the next 5 years :smile: