Need help

for the 3rd time i am asking for help changing my user name to silver king my computer slows down and turns off my room mate under a different user name has no problem with same computer please help

Strange. I dont think the name change make a diff. It is not posible you use some flash based video or something else, thets may couse the crash. What your friend dont. ? Can you please provide more info on the problem?

RP dont provide for users nick change generaly, may do it tho. Did you ask it over the support email? When you ask for it? Task like thet may take 2-3 weeks, becouse the staff members work on high priority problems or future for the site.

thanks for responding first person play for 20 to 30 minutes slow down then freeze roommate has no problem with her user name play all night tables and tourneys not me on the same laptop

may your roommte use different browser? Try google chrome , the best now. I dont think nick change help at all, but I pass it on to the tech staff.

Hi tarponfever,

Your best bet is to try and either update your browser or flash, or both. We recommend google chrome as the best browser, but if you prefer to use IE, you could trying upgrading to IE9. Also try upgrading your flash client here:

Changing your username won’t make any difference at all. But if you do want to change it anyway then you can email and request the change.

Regards, Paul.