Navy pilots describe encounters with UFOs

Navy pilots describe encounters with UFOs

About 1948, shortly before leaving the then newly named United States Air Force, my father, a radar operator in large aircraft, was assigned to what would become known as Project Bluebook. As I was entering my teen years in 1960, I became fascinated by UFO stories and mentioned my interest to Dad. When he told me of his service, I asked many questions, most of which he was both able and willing to answer. (Note that in those days, everyone took secrecy much more seriously than is generally the case today. There were a lot of things Dad simply wouldn’t discuss.) About the only specific thing I remember from those talks was him saying “There are an awful lot of things we don’t know or understand. Think of it as the problem of the five blind zoologists studying an elephant. One finds the tail, one finds an ear, one finds a tusk, one finds a leg, and one finds the belly. They’re going to have a hell of a fight over which one has the correct description of the elephant, aren’t they? And, none of them will have the right answer even though none of them are exactly wrong, either. That’s the way UFOs are.” I’ve tried to keep that image in my mind over the decades that have passed up until today.

This link is to a 60 Minutes piece about UFOs, though they call them UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). If this doesn’t upset your comfortable world view, nothing will. The images are real, the people are real. The explanations are still unknown. There are a whole lot of these incidents. Few are explainable. This almost 14 minute YouTube item was posted last night (16 May 2021); I’m not sure when the 60 Minutes segment aired.


Project Bluebook was the third such study, and was only provided with low quality data to examine. “…reports of unidentified flying objects which could affect national security are made in accordance with JANAP 146 or Air Force Manual 55-11 and are not part of the Blue Book system.” (From the Bolender Memo)

The first study, Project Sign, is said to have concluded that some UFOs are alien spacecraft, but their final report was classified and never released to the public.

The second study was Project Grudge, and it was composed of die hard sceptics that the government believed would never conclude aliens were involved. It’s said that they came to the same conclusions, and their report was classified too.

If memory serves, “sanitized” versions of both reports were eventually released.

So how does one guarantee that Bluebook reaches the conclusions you need them to reach? Just feed them garbage data. Only give them the “lights in the sky” observations that can’t be analyzed one way or the other. Sprinkle in some hoax reports that are easy to dismiss. Control the output by controlling the inputs.

Those working on Bluebook did the best they could with what they had. The problem was that they didn’t have a lot to work with.

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I was once looking out of the window of a plane at night, and for quite a while I thought that I was looking at the Corinth canal. Then as the sun rose, it dawned on me that I was looking at the wing of the aircraft.

A couple of months ago I was mystified by a mysterious red light on the floor and could not figure out where it came from. After an extensive investigation it turned out that it was my mouse sitting on a glass table/

Sometimes people just make mistakes. In the case of committees, it is the Abilene effect. Or people just don’t want to appear to be unawoke so they go along with the crowd.

I am not surprised those reports were 'Classified". Like most classified material, the objective was to protect the authors from embarrassment.

Thanks for sharing that amazing video. I had never heard of 60 minutes, but it seems like an up and up news show. I can’t say I’ve ever had a U.F.O. experience. I have seen many, many strange things in my day that I can’t explain, but all have occurred while under the influence of psychedelics. That being said, I find it hard to believe that we are the only species in the Universe.

This causes me discomfort.

It looks like it could just be a bug flying by, but when you look closer it’s not.

That’s an interesting video, to be sure. If it’s real, it’s amazing, but is it real?

I have seen many such clips, and I always first ask, “Why did they happen to have a camera operating then and there” The “B roll” explanation is somewhat plausible.

Then I look at the framing. This shot was framed like they expected something to show up. I mean, it’s perfectly centered. That seems unlikely, but people do get lucky, so who knows?

They mentioned the object was on the RAW data. Do you know if they are making the RAW footage available? In any case, RAW data can be manipulated with today’s editing software.

Another thing that caught my attention was that they claimed to be paranoid, yet give their full names not once, but twice. If they are afraid, why add the film credits? This doesn’t ring true to me.

I do believe that we have been getting visited by extra terrestrial beings for a very long time. Some reports are real, but many are fakes, especially these days. I’m not saying this one is fake, but I have my suspicions.


I’m very interested in this topic of UFOs my whole adult life and I saw the 60 minutes special. Very interesting!!! But with anything else I’m one of those hyper vigilant Marines that look at all the evidence on topics I’m interested in and I still can’t come to a conclusion real or not all these years. I’d like to be one of the people that are “ in the right place at the right time “ to witness this phenomenon.

There was an original unedited 4k 60FPS recording that was on youtube that I can’t find anymore. There was also an analysis made by a seeming video professional demonstrating how it was unlikely to be a forgery which I also cannot find anymore. Perhaps both of these were removed by the MiB.

I did find his statement about being paranoid a little bit inconsistent. If he knew he had filmed something he shouldn’t have why did he share on the internet then discuss it on a talk show afterwards. And the timing and location it enters the frame seem a little too perfect. But I want to believe.

My opinion is that these things are real but not even the top levels of government know what they are. How much would it hurt public confidence in government if they admitted they were powerless to stop incursions into their airspace by unknown forces. Better to just label them as “weather phenomena” and pray they don’t become hostile.

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I agree 100%. The main purpose of the federal government is to provide security for its people. Despite what Ben Franklin said, we do trade liberty for security. Remove the security and the balance shifts.

Most don’t realize the impact that the emergence of stealth technology had on the Soviet Union. Once the member states realized that the USSR could no longer protect them, other issues became more important, and this led to the eventual collapse of the Soviet state.

The US government first tried to dismiss UFO reports as nonsense, claiming they were sightings of Venus, ball lightning, or swamp gas. This might have worked for a little while, but people soon realized that these were ludicrous “explanations.”

They have since switched to a far more subtle and clever stance: Yes, UFOs are real, but we are working with them. They planted this seed through “leaked” documents like the Majestic 12 series and others.

Why would aliens trade technologies with us? We can’t stop them from doing whatever it is they are doing, so why bother?

This would be like us mounting an expedition to collect chimpanzees, and trying to explain to them that we need to collect a few chimps, but will give them machetes in exchange. We don’t do this because we don’t have to… we simply take what we want.


This image is of the Hubble Deep Field. It was “taken by focusing the Hubble Telescope in the emptiest part of space for 10 days. Every blip in this photo is not a star, it’s an entire galaxy.” Source “Black Hole” Twitter.
In my opinion there is zero chance that the universe is not populated by other beings. The real question is are any of them capable of interstellar travel. The odds suggest yes. The good news for earthlings is that it is also likely that an alien race that has mastered space travel would have also transcended the use of violence as a weapon against their own kind and hence others. If an alien race is more human they will likely kill their planet and hence their inhabitants before ever being capable of traveling within their own galaxy let alone others.


Dos-rios, I concur as far as the word “yes.” Whether or not they’ve “evolved” (for lack of a better word) to shun violence is an open question whose answer lies at the heart of each being’s consciousness. Almost every “tool” can be used as a weapon. The difference between a mace and a hammer is largely the intent of the user. Until we meet some of them, we simply cannot know what their intent is. They may well think we humans are an advanced version of beef, broccoli, or squash–and just as tasty. Schrodinger is likely to have the last laugh on this question.