Narcissists Unite!

Does poker performance improve if a player unleashes his or her internal narcissist? I can imagine why this might be true. Any opinions on this?

Studies show that true Narcissists actually do poorly at playing poker because the need to succeed outweighs the normal thought process of actually following poker normalities thus the excitement of winning diminishes actual winning percentages.


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Can narcissism be internal?

But no, one would not want to unleash such a thing at a poker table. Even if one manages to convince the other players that they deserve to win, the deck would remain unconvinced.

Unleash the beast instead!

Your inner narcissist thinks it deserves to win, your inner beast is not afraid of losing.

Your inner narcissist can’t handles the “shame” of getting caught bluffing, so rarely bluffs. Your inner beast understands and manipulates his table image, and sees that looking stupid is just another psychological tool to be employed.

Your inner narcissist is overly cautious, so rarely puts themselves in a position where they can get lucky. Your inner beast fights for the pots they enter. Beasts find ways to win, they don’t look for excuses to surrender.

Note that these comments are not directed at or to anyone in particular, they’re just gemeral observations.


“if you ain’t gonna make a move then I ain’t got all day
Ain’t nobody else to blame if you don’t know how to play.”

Hahaha, and there it is in a nutshell!