I’ve noticed at Pegasus league it’s a lot more common for a player to leave the table for an extended period. It’s annoying when they take forever to bleed out. What’s the reason for this? Are people at higher stakes playing multiple tables and sitting out on the less important ones when they get deep in another game? Or is there something else going on?

Ask the players who are doing it.

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They usually say something in chat, like “network dropped” or “phone call” or something to that effect. I just notice it happening more at Pegasus league and for longer periods of time, which makes me wonder if there’s not something else going on. Like, I wouldn’t think it a good strategy to leave the table for a long period of time after an early double-up, and bleed all those chips away, so I can’t understand why someone will take an early lead, then forfeit so many hands, coming back 10-20 minutes later, or in some cases not at all (in which case you can’t ask them).

It does affect play at the table when this happens. A big stack will bully everyone when it’s the absent player’s turn in the blinds, stealing the BB uncontested, which is really unfair when the blinds get over 200/400. Imagine, you’re 4-up, one player absentee, there’s a big stack who has 10000 chips and the rest have 2000-4000. Every time it’s the absentee player’s turn for the BB, the big stack lays down a 3000 chip open, which no one can dare call unless they’re holding AA, so every orbit the big stack gets a free 400 (and sometimes they’ll steal the SB from the absent player as well, so 600) chips, and before you know it the 10K big stack has bloated up to 14-15K. That’s all you need for the smaller stacks to have their chances of winning the game drop off to near nothing.

If blinds are 200-400 and effective stack depths are only 4k, then the big stack is right to be shoving fairly wide, since it doesn’t make sense to open and fold to a jam. Of course, the shorter stacks should be shoving as well, and calling with far less than AA knowing the big stack’s range is wider, hoping to double up.

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