Naming of RING GAMES

the names of the ring games or quick games are totally random.
the number at the end of the game name should tell the number of the players at the table.
for ex, instead of “Harbour Bridge 3”, “Harbour Bridge 8”, if the table has 8 players.

and I’d appreciate showing no free seats, if there is no free seat. We join and see only the waiting list option. More than only 2 ring games were also an improvement.

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Hi PeterPan4711,
You can select ‘Hide Full’ , this way you only see the tables that have free seats.


Hope this info helps.

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The RP site and lobby is slow to update sometimes. Try reloading the lobby page once at least & u will see improvement. I have seen tables displayed as open that have been closed over 30 mins ago etc.

Free seats are usually displayed in the lobby but are often slow update accurately.

The table name like “Harbour Bridge” & adding the number like 3 or 8 as more table fill make it easy to find the tables you want!

Harbour Bridge is the name for game Type Holdem stakes: 100/200 players: 9MAX basically the name is the ID for this table type… There is often more than one table so it needs a number to display the exact table ID… Harbour Bridge 3 & Harbour Bridge 8 are two different tables although otherwise exactly the same! Without the number 3 or 8 you would need thousands of names for every single table making it much more confusing to find a table.

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