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I wonder why I’m so up and down in my game, one moment you play lousy and lose, but then in the new tournament after that you play well !! One thing I do know is that I am a person who feels a lot and thinks a lot, maybe where the fault is! should you be emotionless when playing poker? When I end up in a table with good players then I focus more and do not think as much and I do well! Have only played 3 tournaments today, do not know why I started with 250k tournament went out on AA the other full house, hate AA :slight_smile: The second European in did well top 6, the third astral major, in did well but the emotions got away! Why should I play a 250k tournament when you only have 400k in the account, will take me a while to come back! I’m impressed with some players, how can they stay calm for so long !! fascinating !! Anyway! Thanks to a beautiful game, thanks to Replay that you can play here and to all the wonderful people here, you are awesome! I must also say that the climate on the tables has become much better, more respect for each other !!! It is important!!

Yes, if you can manage it. I practice by being emotionless all the time.

You probably shouldn’t. Bank management is an important part of the game.

I’m sure they wonder how anyone can get all worked up over free chips. I know for a fact that at least one person wonders this.

Yes it is important to at least pretend to respect everyone, including the irritating idiots. Real respect has to be earned, not given, but we should all pretend more.



You may want to spend some time reading this internet article. I don’t know who the author is but whoever they are, the individual is very candid about approaching the game. And, I do agree with almost all of their poker suggestions.

But, if anyone who reads it and does become proficient in using the suggestions, promise me you won’t use them playing against me.


Good luck and good reading.

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Thanks Smooth99!!

I’m not a bad player, but I really know my problem now, it’s the mental, you should not play when you have other thoughts, problems or whatever, but you want to play, because it’s the most beautiful game! I know I know I should not play this day so you do it anyway! everything is mental for me! Just being able to play makes me better! I know poker, life is more than poker, longing for the day I can beat everyone again, can be tomorrow, because poker is not just luck it’s everything, statistics, opponents, friends, luck, time, mental yes everything! So I think the one who can turn off everything who plays poker wins if you are a good poker player :slight_smile: What are your thoughts and experiences! Wish you all good luck with your game and the important thing is to have fun, it’s a game, but it’s poker, it’s beautiful! to get that million on the flop !!!