My level of poker skill

Actually, the more I think about this, the clearer it becomes. This player MUST be an “undercover plant” from RP to stir things up. This player could NEVER accumulate sooooooooooo many chips, his play is tooooooo poor. I would actually bet money on it !

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I love the fact that you are talking smack to a cat, Dog! but, I think you may need to reconsider this “call out” before you go much further.

Hand # 538725311 You never made a bet and said"someone rivered you"

#538723183 this hand was the 1st time I watched you raise more the 2x the blind, you raised 800 chips (4x blind) and won 1520.

#538722649 you check to a limp board, raise 400 on a flop of pocket 2’s then raise 200 on the turn after an Ace on 4th card, & 200 on river with a flush & full house board, you had pocket Q’s. won 2200 chips.

I have watched over 50 of your hands, And I have played against Ilovecats, I Can’t say if you are right or wrong about him, But I can say, “To say his play is poor is not accurate.” If you are the basis of the comparison he would eat you up. You talk a fair amount of smack at the table, and were very solid checking and calling, But other than the straight you hit on the flop with 1 caller having 2 pair, your biggest pot tonight was under 3k And your biggest raise was 4x the Blind. I do not think you have enough game to call him out such as you are.


I would say I’m above avg. and,I could easily do well vs llovecat. at the stakes I play, my strategy is to not bet aggressively. in my experience here at RP, I get called to the river regardless if I bet a hand strong, or not. and, I am happy to win a smaller pot and in turn, lose a smaller pot when someone catches the RP runner/runner miracle “gutshot” str8 (which happens constantly). every single diff stakes table I’ve played has 1-2 donkeys who WILL call ANY pre flop raise, and in turn call you to the river with any 2 cards. and quite often 1 of those donkeys will river you. I could go on for a while. Actually, when I play my higher than usual stakes tables, I do VERY well. but, I can tilt easily so I play smaller stakes and am happy to be a consistent winner. my recent hand # 538744675, is an ever soooooo popular outcome for me at RP. (if you can find anything wrong with the way I played that hand, let me know, I noticed that you don’t mention it in your critique of my play). you can say “its poker”, whatever. I never claimed to have any WSOP bracelets.

and MOST importantly I have only ever purchased chips ONCE. to support RP I purchased $2 worth of chips, in return I believe I received 50K chips. and when I first joined RP, I NEVER had to go to the RP Banker for ANY free chips, NOT once !!! I know that is hard to believe, but its true. I played very small stakes mini tourneys, and I consistently placed in the $$$$ and built my bankroll. anyway, if you know anybody in the RP “higher ups”, ask them about my claim of never once having been to the RP banker for free hand-outs.

I was late for work today because I was replying to your critique of my play. I only had time to review one of your stellar hands. You had AA and min raised pre flop. I’m not sure, because my play is soooooo bad, but I believe that that is no better play than just calling and slow playing the pocket rockets. Especially coming from a player who accused me of not raising.

Anyway, I’m off work on Monday and Tuesday and I will be sure to review your hands and MAYBE I can learn something.

Thanks again for sharing your vast knowledge

I may be old school, but back in the day, the “who is best” question was settled at a poker table, not in an online forum.

That’s why you will never see me bragging about my vastly superior tournament skills, even though I am one of the most successful tournament players on this site. That’s also why I rarely even mention the vast numbers of nubile poker vixens who swoon at the mere thought of seeing me at a table. My extreme modesty, coupled with my vast pokering skills, are the reasons I am so universally adored and respected.

We could all learn a lesson from the example I set.


Yes I min raise pre flop with AA a lot for the same reasons you are reserved in raising, Lots of people call you all the way to the river. I didn’t want to sound like I was attacking you, and sorry if I did. I just am not seeing the aggression in your game that can battle his game.
This is what I think would happen, He raises, you would fold unless you had a premium hand, and he would know to fold when you do. Then he would blind you to death with his pre flop raises. I am off Mon & Tues as well, maybe we could play some hands.


With my bankroll I couldn’t even sit down at his table. So yes, he would undoubtedly blind me to death if I played him now, with my honestly earned 8 million bankroll. If I had 20 billion chips I would easily beat him (over time, in the long run). I have no doubt of that. And I am not a great player. Anybody can critique any player’s play at the table, especially after watching the hand being replayed. I’m ok with the way I play. I only play small stakes and I don’t buy chips and I really don’t play much on RP. So 8 million in the bank is 7,975,000 more than most players here. There is no way at all llovecat eats me alive if I had the same bankroll.

30-40% of the players I play against, I have already made a “note” on them. 75% of the time the Note says something like this: PFMRD (pre flop min raising donkey), and “calls every bet and raise to the river” and “raises every hand with A2C (any 2 cards). So therefore I choose to play a trap game. 75% of time they make a mistake and I “felt” them. Before that actually happens, they always steal a lot of my blinds and catch me when I try to “limp in” with garbage.

Anyway, I’m over it. My original point was that llovecat must actually be a “bot”, just to stir things up. No possible way he accumulated 20 billion chips in such short a time, impossible.

Are you sure you played with llovecat ? llovecat must have eaten you up if you did play him. I had a chance to watch many of your hands. You limp in all spots, not raising ever, and you check / call / fold, and you rarely lead out and bet. Seems like you play similar to me. So, I suppose you were un-wittingly saying you are also a poor player. Hand # - 539004074 is enlightening. To paraphrase a wisewoman, “I don’t want to sound like I am attacking you, and sorry if it does. I just am not seeing the aggression in your game that can battle his game.”

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I guess you will keep up your trash talking, I will stay away from you. Take care & please don’t bother me either!


You honestly think hes a bot? that sounds crazy… why would replay take the time to employ a bot that targets players with chips in the billions or hundreds of millions? I doubt any of them buy chips or anything so what would be the point? really, it makes no sense at all. :confused:


I was definitely not trash talking, just speaking facts. I felt I had a right to respond to your comments about me, being it’s a democratic society. Is that fair ? I spoke about your play in the EXACT same manner and tone, as you spoke about my play. Sorry if you feel embarrassed now.
Thank you for your time.

llovecat would have to have won an average of apx. 260,000 every day he’s been at RP, without ever having a losing session. That’s not taking into account having to build a bankroll big enough to be able to even sit down at a table with big enough stakes in order to even have a chance of winning big money. He would have to take his 10K in chips (free for joining, can’t remember how many you get), and he would have win an all-in bet, and double-up, ten times in a row in order to accumulate 10 million chips. Then he could maybe sit down at a table with big enough stakes. Nobody else sees this as a little improbable ? Or he spent thousands of real dollars to purchase chips, or RP gifted him millions in start up chips. I call BS. 20+billion chips in 27 months…

It is more like 25 Million EVERY day lol !!! Do u worship sheep realize how completely rediculus that is … I will be addressing this JOKE of a “I am the best” Statement later

well lets ask him and see what he says…hey ilovecat, did u spend $ 437,500 bucks on your 21 billion chips? which is how much it would cost at 12 mill chips for $250 bucks according to what the cost of chips says here. i got my bank to what it is now from 2500 freebies and only about half is from rings, other from sit n gos and MTTs…so its possible if u play high and elite rings only and your an aggressive good player. ive seen him play and make 8 bill in the last 3 or 4 months…he went from 13 bill to 21 bill soooo… he could have easily done that if he bought and started with 25 or 50 mill chips…deff starting with 100 mill playing elite rings only but still rare…but hey there has to be 1 that happens to pull it off and it could have been him. but to buy $437,000 of fake chips…ugh i dont think so.


Guys… if you do not believe it can be done have a look at some gamergirl

Gamer posted screen shots to prove it and when asked how many chips they had bought
Sep '18

I never buy chip it is waste of money
You have to be good or you cannot do it! I play 4 table 1 on 1 and win them fast!
Tourney is too slow to win it fast
I make more 130 mills in 1 day so you cannot check it!
Your 63 mills is nothing I don’t want it!.

I don’t get why someone who won so many chips would self-denigrate the accomplishment by saying how bad the opponents they beat were. I’d rather talk up how good the people I beat were, and help them feel better so they’ll keep coming back to give me more chips. But I can’t fathom a billion chips. It’s taken me 14 months to get to just shy of 19 million, and while I’ve been slowing down lately how much I play, most of that time I was playing 6-7 games/day, 6-7 days/week. Of course during most of that time I was also learning to play winning poker.

During a good week now, I am able to win about 1M in chips, more than that is certainly possible. So in theory I could be around +50M at the end of a year. To hit the first billion I’d need to play 20 years like that. Of course, I can move up in stakes and shorten that time if I can keep that win rate. Or I can play ring games and win or lose real chips every hand instead of tournament chips.

So, I dunno, I guess it’s feasible. When I hit 50M or 100, I could comfortably move up to 1M buy-in SNGs. I don’t need to be that cautious, others aren’t, and they build their bankroll faster. In the end its all just play chips.


This is no problem when you’re playing a ring game at big enough stakes. Even if you’re playing 2k/4k, 260k is just half a buyin and a very easy winrate to sustain if you play a couple of hours a day. If you keep moving up once you have 5-10 buyins for the next level, it’s no problem to build up a bankroll. Once you have the bankroll to play elite stakes then it’s easy to see how you can accumulate billions.

But you don’t have to take cat’s word that he’s one of the biggest winners here. Replay gives us a list for the week and the month of who won the most chips. ilovecat is always up at the top of the list. At the time I’m writing this he won 796M this month.


If you want to compare my MMT’s to your ring games, that is your option. My play style, winnings, and ranking speak for themselves. I know you will say I bought all my chips to justify your play, but the badges you are missing is your profile speak volumes. The 1 badge I am missing is irrelevant and has nothing to do with poker skills. If you want to sit at a table and play heads up or any other style I will join you. You might want to not show off you math skills in public, people may get jealous. That Is all I have to say about that!
539004074 is A miss on my note taking. But my winning hands prove this happens seldom. I so want to sit at a table with you for an hour!!!

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Your play is actually far less aggressive than mine. Your earlier post made you sound like you were some elite well seasoned player, lol ! Of all the hands I watched of yours, you never raised more than “minimum”, and very seldom at that. The way you played hand # - 539027334 was not very good to say the least. Horrible for so many reasons. But of all the play I’ve watched, it’s normal play for you. I could keep returning criticisms with you forever.

If all you can come back with is a comment about my 4am mistake on inputting numbers into a calculator, than that is very comical. You were much better off being done with this like you said you were. You are just sounding desperate now. I have absolutely no problem playing vs you. When you see me online, sit down at the table and we’ll play. Judging who’s best by one one hour session is silly and not at all accurate but who cares. I’m not scared.

You most definitely can’t handle being called out. You must have very thin skin. And the funny thing is, I didn’t say anything about your play that isn’t absolutely true. I just had to watch about 30 hands. You set yourself up by attacking me and now that I exposed your play for what it is you can’t handle it.

And you are insinuating that because you just play tournaments, that its the reason you play far less aggressive and more passive than me, although that’s why you attacked me and exactly what you said my faults were.

I’m guessing this thread will be “closed” shortly. But if not, I am happy to keep responding to your future comments.

Sit let me find you

I may play tomorrow or Tuesday, as I’m not working. I’m watching SNF with my wife right now, as I respond to you. My wife thinks that you are too cute ! So, why are you sooooo upset anyway ? I’m not being out of line (or RP would ban my chat or at very least they would close this thread). You had your poke at me (although my original comments had absolutely nothing to do with you), for no reason at all. So, I just had to look into your play. I told it like it IS. And you are soo desperately trying to save face.

I don’t really care how many chips you purchased thus far. Although I’m 100% sure it’s many.

Like I said, I will probably play at some point in the next couple days.