My latest hands are not show in my activity

I tried to save them because they where good hands, a got a reply, sorry there is a problem.

Hi abuelaadela.

Is it about London Brige 6 ( one of the hands there 57958848) and Lonlon Brige 4 (one of the hands there 57959235)

Those hands do not show in your Activity?

If not there is an error in your Activity.

When you left the room, are they added to your bank? If not, the staff can look for you.

Please let me know. Greetings Happiness.

hi Happiness, no they are not shown in my activity, and where not added to my bank Thank you

But it was about London 6 and London 4? If it is going about those 2 rooms, they know where to look for the error.

Yes I think so

Thanks abuelaadela:)

I have forwarded it to the staff. Hope they find the problem.

We’re investigating, thanks for reporting!

Hi abuelaadela,

We’ve found the hands Happiness mentioned in your activities as expected. I’ve looked further and found no missing hands at all from your activities from the hands you have played.

If you do find any hand is not showing up on your listing, can you please give us the hand number for us to investigate further?

We’re looking into the issue that happened when saving a hand.

Hi abuelaadela,

We’ve also not found anything wrong with saving hands. If you happen to know a particular hand number / replay link that you had trouble saving, please let us know so we can investigate further.