My last hand on Replay

Played my last hand on Replay last night. I’ve enjoyed many players over the past several months, but I have tired of the poor play. I’m posting the hand that ended my days of playing online free poker. You’ll find it interesting. Let me set the hand up for you…

  1. as usual at Replay, this was a table where almost everyone limped into every hand. I was one of the few who didn’t limp with garbage hands.
  2. one guy in particular did the “Replay thing” of min raising every hand. So silly, and so NOT a good poker strategy, but ok.
  3. I rarely if ever bluff, because with play money, people will call with King high, and beat your open ended str8 draw.
    With that in mind…
    I end up with pocket Aces. Watch how the hand plays out:

[] (

Put LakotaLady on a hand before the cards show at the end… I dare ya.
Try to put her on a hand after the flop… I dare ya.

AsAd - 82.92% chance of win
Kh5h - 16.69% chance of win

After flop:
AA - 94.75% chance to win
K5 - 3.74% chance to win
1.52% chance of tie

After turn:
ooh… K5 is such a keeper…
AA - 81.82% to win
K5 - up to a whopping 18.18%

So anyway, I realized that I’m not up for this experience any longer. It’s not really poker for some (and that’s ok) but I’m looking for a poker experience.

MY SUGGESTION to Replay to make this a better site:

  1. Don’t let people play in games that they can’t afford.
    How many times do you see guys with “0” chips in their bankroll - at a 50/100 table. So silly. They ruin the game SO many times. It’s not even fun beating them (which we do many times) because they lack even fundamental skills. How about setting up a minimum bankroll that you HAVE to have in order to buy into a certain level game. Let the guys with 5K in chips total play at the duck pond.

  2. Consider having different “levels” of play, that one must earn. This could be related to bankroll, or wins, or whatever.

Some of the tournaments that I played in were wonderful. But I’m not really a tourney guy.
I play ring at the casino. (Just $1/$2, nothing big)

So again thanks for some good games here and there, but I’m done. Out.

It was an absolute blast giving away my approx $400K in chips to the members of this table. I wish them all well.

Good luck at the tables.

This is truly a WTF moment, I feel for you.

I truly feel for you Gr8Flop and I have another suggestion for RP.
Deal the hole cards, turn them over and the best hand wins. No betting, no raising. no pesky flop, turn or river, just good old poker the way it’s supposed to be, with the best dealt hand whining. Sorry, I mean winning.

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i know it’s probably too late for the advise, but if you are playing 1/2 cashgames in the casino, then why not grind yourself up in replay so you could play the high stakes games here and if you do well eventually also the elite stakes. you will see most of the bingo vanishes and lots more of good players will be there.
anyway i wish you good luck with whatever you plan to do.

That may be true on the high stakes tables but when the high ranked folks come down to the mediums and lows they play pretty much like everyone else.
And I don’t blame them. If you don’t go all-in with AA on a low stakes table to narrow the field you are asking to get rivered.


but there is a big difference between a good player shoving all-in considering the calling probability to narrow the amount of opponents and maximizing value right away. and a donk shoving all-in with J5s thinking “well you can always hit”

Oh yes agree. Big difference there.

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