My First Poker Poem =-P

I tried to win some pots today
but well, it didn’t go my way:
they called with crap
I called - a trap
just tell me who to pay

So then I played another one
and well, it was a lot of fun:
I got no chips
top two pair - trips!
I think I might be done

So finally it’s come to this
one bullet left, and I can’t miss:
all in with kings!
but - here’s the thing -
they called with aces… HSSSSSS


I won a tournament today
as everything went my way
A 50k ticket was my prize
I am telling you no lies

I didn’t play another one
since I was done with all the fun
but that will all change
as the Nordic Warrior’s game is in range

It’s Saturday, so it’s a 5:30 Start
Playing Omaha Hi Lo is close to my heart
Friends there are very kind and competitive
Even when my wins are repetitive

So, join a league and have some fun
you could write a poem and a pun
It could be about a pig and its squeal
It’s about time to shuffle up and deal

To find a word that rhymes with Younguru
I would have to travel to Honolulu

Playing poker we get to know 'em
as well as reading his first poem

His words do rhyme, and he plays those kings like aces
and he’s really, really good at reading poker faces


Amazing! Touche! I like that there is a pig in your poem.

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There once was a player from Nantucket
who had such a big stack you could pluck it

He said with a grin
as he pushed it all in

If my ducks are no good I’ll just muck it.


LOL well played

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First hand of the day
You beauty pocket Ace Ace
Brought a smile to my face
In the big Blind stimulating my mind
Under the gun goes all in
Surely this one I’ll win
Everyone else folds
Their pockets said to put ambition on hold
Now this is an easy call
My opponent has his back to the wall
In go the chips
No sign of the yips
ace,two,two comes the flop
It’s then that the penny drops
Under the gun has 4 little ducks
And under my breath I say many F…s
The turn a three
Just red can I see
Awaiting the river
What will it deliver
All hope resting on one possible out
A miracle requred to arrest the rout
An ace of course
What’s this the poker gods showing remorse!


. poker is the game
chasing rainbows is my fame
looking for the pot of gold
if I fold
or be bold
poker is the game