My first 100 million goal reached

I first started playing poker on Replay Poker it was Aug. 11, 2014. I found it hard to get past the 5000 chips replay gives us everyday for logging 5 day’s in i row on to replay poker site. So I asked a player that had a low rank 400 what his secret was he said stay away from all ins. Play only hands that you know have a better percentage odds of starting hole cards. Once I won a few tournaments and came out with over 100,000 chips it was all uphill from there only playing in MTT,S Tournaments in till I reached 18 million on Oct. 2015. I felt like I had done a great job I was so happy that my rank was under 500 at that time.
Now in Dec. 2018 18 million is not under 500 it’s just under 1000.
That’s where I noticed there are players that have over a billion chips so I asked one player that had over a billion chips what they did to get to where they are he replied to me saying in the ring games.
So I did not know at what stake should I get into. I didn’t want the low ones so I tried the 20,000-40,000 ante witch was 4 million buy in. After playing with very good cards and going all in many times in a few months I lost 17 million I went too high and paid the price of learning and felt fed up, wanting to quit playing and throw the towel in. That’s when I realized I like playing on replay poker, gives me something to do to pass the time it’s fun, that’s when I made my goal to reach 100 million I started with one million in Oct. 2015 and reached my goal on 12-14-18 Friday in a ring game 20,000 40,000 ante 4 mil buy in I won 6 mil. I learned to play in the lower ring games first 1000 2000 ante 125,000 buy in. Then 2,000 4000 250,000 that’s when I move up once in a while to 20,000 40,000 ante 4,000,000 buy ins. To sum it all up I now play in Tournaments, sit n go tournaments, ring games they are all fun win or lose. If you lose 10 million bounce back in poker there are ups and downs just stay with it. Plus there are so many friend’s that are there to talk and joke. Good luck every one.


Congratulations, marklou. Well done.

Wow, 100M…that’s hard for me to imagine at this point.
It wasn’t that long ago (this past summer) that I was shooting for my 1st million and was very happy when I saw the extra digit :grin:
I’m now up to 3.7M due to me starting to play MTTs and SnGs for the 1st time in my life (always played rings only).
I had always wondered how people had achieved such astronomical bankrolls and so I started studying tournament strategies (here on the forums and elsewhere)…I was so ignorant I thought tournament points were just for bragging rights but then noticed people here talking about winning chips from the leaderboard.
I’ve played some of the recent Santa promos and started playing against the leaderboard…the consistent top 5 leaders would be dang near impossible for me to catch (ie SassySarah) but I’m actually winning a few chips by playing against the leaderboard.
I’ve always been a bit of a scaredy cat and everything I play is pretty low stakes (10K or less buy-in) but maybe I’ll have the confidence to up that buy-in after reading Mark’s post! :grin:


gratz :+1:

Congrats Marc… well done :wink:

An order of magnitude lower, but my bankroll just hit 10M for the first time. It took a while, but I haven’t been on the tables as much as I used to be.


Well done, Good luck at the tables.:slight_smile:

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I just doubled my 100 mil. goal today with this hand Hand #477828081 · Replay Poker.
It just took 3 months this time. :slight_smile:

Mark B.