My experience as a newbie

ok 3 weeks in and im fairly pleased. its fun. mainly focused on leaderbords but still learning. i did a little research, avoiding how to win tips and came up with this , cant post link lol, just searched “scientific poker studies” which is i think a fairly neutral page. i like the subculture emerges online bit lol…i liked the analysis.

but its definately put me off going to a live casino which despite many folks saying this is nothing like it, i think they are wrong lol.

oops links not allowed ?

The previous (3. party) community forum got a spammer attack before.

I believe the forums will allow you to post links after a certain amount of posts and replies. =) If it’s super annoying, we can adjust it, but it prevents spam accounts from taking over the boards.

I’m happy to share the link for you, though, if you’d like to pass it along in the meantime!

Here are a couple based on that search:

Thanks for being part of the community! We’re very glad you’re enjoying it!

Great info to share G

Great to have you on board Diplo03, and thanks for sharing your thoughts! If there’s anything you don’t like, or think could be improved, do let us know - often player feedback results in real changes to the site for the better. So, we’re all ears!

i am really enjoying the site. its great fun. it was interesting the post about luck/skill, from what i can tell its a balance of both, there is no definitive answer.i have met lots of nice folks and had some good advice. yes, i have met the great, the good, the weird and the wonderful lol. i have experimented in all the formats to gain experience . MTT various SnG tournys , some on big quite high stakes. usually i lose but gain experience. my highlight, winning MTT waking dreams. what i have learned, dont be afraid to bet, emotional regulation, bet only what you can afford. my views have changed, a free play poker site is different to real thing (i have not had that experience) . so thanks to all players for making it a fun journey. next post, 2 months in :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the update Diplo03! Great to get the perspective of a new player at regular intervals and glad you’re still having fun. Do share any suggestions for improvements to, if you can think of any. :smiley:

Looking forward to your next update!

PS. I think I’m going to merge yours topics into just one topic, that way we can easily see things progressed over time.