My Embarrassing Moment When I Quit

Being that I reside in New Jersey I play here but also play at Borgata Casino’s online game, usually Hold’em and usually reasonably small stakes. I am ahead and have cashed my deposit so it has been with house money, so am happy. Up until Sunday evening.

To make a long story short, my AJ flopped AAT, so I raised 6X, a 6 turned and I bet 8X and rivered another 6 and I pushed.

Two things happened. I lost! Yikes. And when I looked at my opponents hand he had my hand, AAA66. I flipped out. I went ballistic. I am too old to kick my computer but I did curse at the dog. I vowed that I was finished playing for money and maybe even finished with all poker.

I didn’t sleep well. Yesterday I told two people in the know that the program had actually swapped hands and gave the opponent my hand. One person is a tech here at RP. Another is a player. They both suggested I call the Borgata and complain as they do not need any bad publicity.

I just called Borgata and since I didn’t know my hand number (remember at the time I went instantly berserk) it took some time to get their explanation. After some time I started to feel the crazies come back to me because I swore to the man on the phone that the program switched our hands. He went away for another fifteen minutes. Then he explained:

The hand dealt to me was AJ and the hand dealt to mu opponent was AT. The flop was ATA, meaning my opponent was flopped the nuts. The turn was 6 and the river was 6. And the other regrettable truth was I was betting into the nuts!

I was right in that I had the FH and I was even right reading my opponents hand, in that he too had AAA66!

But he also had AAATT and that I didn’t see when I quickly reviewed the hands. To me it looked like the program switched hands.

Lord, I hate this game called poker. Damn!


At Hagia Sofia on RP the guy would have had 66 :wink:

Here on Replay they have “recent hands”, on pokerstars you have the option to send you the last xx hand histories, Borgata probably has similar things. That could have saved you a sleepless night and the support guy an angry man on the telephone … oh, and the poor dog.

Anyway, I feel your pain.



Thank you Jo.

I have warned the Hagia Sofia players that I am considering a go at their level. Maybe, now that the worst beat ever is under my belt, I can go their feeling immune.

We shall see… I do feel invincible!


So you can now tell yet another bad-beat story. Join the crowd–I have lost in every conceivable way except that I have never lost with Quads (except in Omaha).

Pull your chair up close to the table and ask the dealer, politely, to deal the next hand.