My country flag is wrong

The Canadian Maple Leaf flag is still on my profile when you pull my name while at the tables…I have asked twice to have it removed. PLEASE

You are on the Canadian territory, resistance is futile, you will be assimilated!


You are in USA and you have the Canadian flag?

Try this. Log out by the menu when you click on your name upper right. Be sure you have your pass word:)

Log in again. Use the button - log in- (upper on the page) and enter your nick name and pass word. Then you must get the flag from where you are playing now.

Hope it works. Let me know pls.

Greetings Happiness.

Not working? I ask the staff to look into it.

Hi JSSIXTY, can you try logging out and back in again, like Happiness suggested. We just updated our ip address database, so it’s more up to date (it was about 6 month’s old), and we’ve updated our systems to update the ip database every month from now on. Hope this works!

Now that is spamming, sarkozi!

Is there a Twilight Zone flag or do I have to create it.

not, it is a fact :

If the Twilight Zone flag is legal and you sign up from there, im sure you get that


JSSIXTY you’re now an American again! We found a little bug that meant if your ip address stayed the same but in our database the country changed we wouldn’t update it. We’ll fix that now, but in the meantime we updated your flag manually.

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Hi sarkozi,

The country flag on your profile is set based on the location of your last login to the site, unfortunately there’s no way to manually select a different one. We may change how this works in the near future though, so keep an eye out for updates to come.

Cheers, Lesley

I did check up when he posted, it was Croatia IP…

Is it possible change flag ?

No it isn’t currently, we always show the flag from where you’re located in the world (unless you’re using a proxy server to hide or change your location). However we were thinking of allowing players to instead choose a flag that represents their nationality, but of course then anybody could pick any flag, so you’ll never be sure if the player is telling the truth or not.

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