My Bankroll Management Epiphany

This has probably been obvious to everyone but me since forever. If one has the discipline to only bring a set percentage of one’s bank to a table - 5%-10%, let’s say - as the bank grows, it will grow exponentially faster as it does.

I recently looked at my ‘Biggest Pots’ and they’re getting incrementally larger and more recent. Six of my ten biggest pots were in the last month (I started last Sept). When I had 10k chips, I brought no more than 1k to the table and was happy to be 100 chips in the black when I left. Now I can bring as much as 50-70k and the pots I win, when I do, are as a consequence, getting much larger.

I’ve always known that “It takes money to make money” but I didn’t expect it to be true of playing poker. I’m not a whiz at poker, when people discuss odds it usually goes over my head. But I am patient and disciplined with my bank.

Like I said, this is probably ‘Durrr!’ to everyone but me but I think it’s kind of cool.


The trick is to continue winning as you move up in stakes. There are some scary players on this site :wink:

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The trick is to stay disciplined in my play as well, I think. Since we all are dealt from the same deck, the other players don’t intimidate me much. I’m the one I need to be worried about the most.

I made a completely boneheaded play earlier. I got a decent J high straight on the turn, then it was all I could see, got greedy and missed the possible flush. Which turned out to be a straight flush to add insult to injury.

For your amusement-

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The real trick is to find a way to win more when you win than you lose when you lose.