My 10 Million chip month

I didn’t play over the holiday weekend to start the month, and about 1/3 of the chips I won came in a single hand that I won on the 10th. I had several other large pots spread out over the month, most of them offset by nearly equally large losses on the same table, or on the same day, such is the nature of variance on ring tables, and thus most of the days I saw my bankroll grow by slight amounts.

But overall this was my biggest month in terms of bankroll growth since I started playing on the site. I added nearly 10M, representing a jump of 25% of my entire roll.

I’m liking playing the ring tables.


So the 10th of the month you say, hmmmmm, I’ll have to try that.

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That day I happened to sit a a higher stakes table than I normally play for about 6 hands, and managed to flop a set and had a small stack bluff shove at me, good for about 6M pot, or about 3.5M profit.

The rest of the month wasn’t really amazing, but I did ok.

Some additional graphs showing my daily bankroll and

Puggywug's Daily Bankroll (truncated) 20210801

Puggywug's Adjusted RPP Winnings (Ring, SNG, MTT, and League Awards, less Daily Bonus) (Truncated) 20210801

For those of you who’ve been following me going on and on about “the Curse”, June 2021 was pretty much Peak Curse time for me, and you can see it in the adjusted RPP Winnings chart at bottom. I was on major tilt during most of that month, and had some huge swings.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to bring up The Curse again, but this can give an idea of what I was going through at the time. I would have went bankrupt in June if not for all the bonus chips I’ve accrued through promotions and the Daily Login bonus. But I won it all back, and my 10M upswing in July has taken me to new heights.

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I once won 400 Mil in 8 weeks and lost it in 24 hours :frowning: but wow was such fun


Not sure if this counts b/c there are No Graphs just pictures of proof … But is going from 2500 bank loan to 1 million in 1 day then to 20 Million in 2 weeks work? … See some players are card players and some are Poker Players that luv to drink beer and have fun and could care less about “rank” or need to worry about the last hand :wink: :goat:

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I remember that Tigs … I was playing a tourney with Matchstik and he said u see Tiggys got 420 Million … And literally the next night we end up at the same table and I said to him u see how much Tigs got now? He comes back and says OMG she lost it all … but that’s our Tigs and why we Love her :rofl:

Nice going. I see you’re on your way back up again now. Last I checked you had just a little over a million in chips, and now you’re up around 20M, just a few days later. I wish I knew how to do that.

Maybe I do… on June 8, I played a 14 hour, 800 hand session at 20k/40k and stepped away from the table with a stack of 16M. But that was after I’d already tossed away 16M in tilt that same day, so I only finished up about 100k. Eliminating tilt from my game, I might just put in a 20M month soon, or more if I stay on the higher stakes tables.

@puggywug Good Luck … You can do it :slight_smile:

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@puggywug, I’m sure you can do it silently as well.

Have fun

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Ooopsie … apparently I’ve deleted too many posts lol … I’ll delete this one tomorrow, it really is inappropriate.


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Over the past year, I’ve about doubled my bankroll.

I took much of March-April off this year, and then started playing ring tables from May onward.

The Curse can’t stop me, it can only slow me down.

Good job, reminds me of my first 20 minutes of playing on this site.


I did it again, so it’s not a fluke. Closer to 12M this month.

The 2nd and 4th week of August, I ran pretty bad and broke slightly over even after some long-punishing struggles to get back several lost stacks. Otherwise, I could have easily hit 15M, even 20M.

The big dip in my bankroll on the 20th is due to having chips out on the table at midnight, not due to actual losses. Although, that was another multi-stack scratch-back night. But I basically didn’t have a losing day for the entire month.

I played from 200/400 to 5000/10000, probably mostly 200/400 and 2k/4k, with some 1k/2k and 500/1k and a little bit of 5k/10k. Mostly I just played whatever favorite tables had an open seat at the time I was looking to play, favoring the higher stakes when they were available.

I’m busy 8/31, so this will be where it stands for the month.

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