Muting spectators

I know this topic has been brought up many times…with the same answer from management…“we’re working on it”…good grief…how many months/years you gonna work on it and it’s still the same? First of all…spectators should NOT be allowed to kibitz the table at any time…but being the “family friendly” site that this is…at least put a friggen mute button on them so those of us who are so “family friendly” and are trying to concentrate or at least avoid the pointless banter can mute them. If your IT geniuses are unable to figure how to do this, might I suggest you contact HRC’s IT staff…they’re rather NOT busy right now.

In the meantime, you could always mute the whole chat and concentrate on the game. There’s the chat bubble icon next to the volume, which you can click to mute the chat completely. You won’t see any chat from anyone then, including spectators.


That’s stops the chat at the table Maya but not the people blabbing in the attic…give us a mute the spectators is the answer.

Nice NON-SOLUTION…kind of like…“my little toe hurts…well cut off your whole foot then”…try going into any legitimate casino and walking up to a table and start chatting to the players without sitting at that table…let us know what happens…ok?

I used to slide a tissue box in front of the chat when a voice from the Gallery was taking over. Now just switch from chat to notes and leave it on notes if needed.


Let them talk…that is how it is in a live tournemant

The closer to reality the betta


Oh no you’re absolutely right, if your little toe hurts, you should be able to cut off your little toe. Cutting off your whole foot is a bad solution. I’m not sure where you get your analogies from, but that was terrible at best.

Anyway, that’s the only solution available right now for your problem. If you don’t like it, then just put up with the chatty spectators until further notice. I just don’t see how they are more distracting than chatty players. The chat box is there for chatting, and the mute option is there for those who don’t like it. You can mute individual players. It would be nice if you could mute individual spectators, but at the moment, we are not even able to know who the spectators are unless they chat, let alone mute them. All I’m saying is that if you find the chat distracting, just mute it altogether. I don’t think spectators are such a huge problem if they decide to chat with the players. But obviously you do. So may God help you with your little toe until a proper solution is created :wink:

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Why do you feel the need to read chat? Seems like chat is there for a reason, But unless I am interested in chatting to someone I don’t exert any time or energy reading it. Gulf_Gator gave the perfect solution to you if you can’t control your compulsion for reading. But every live game I’ve been to is a blast of noises from every direction. So, if you hope to make it to another level of play then you need to learn how avoid all forms of distraction and keep yourself focused.


Here is an example of why I think we should be able to mute spectators…gmailVEVO: joeygiam joeygiamjoeygiamjoeygiamjoeygiamjoeygiamjoeygiamjoeygiamjoeygiamjoeygiamjoeygiam…
this b.s. is NOT needed at any table. and for Maya…not asking that spectators can’t chat…just asking for the ability to mute them without having to mute the whole table…sorry if that concept was difficult…thought the analogy might be easier…sorry…

Yes it is adolescent, And you should report them, look at chat’s closest hand number, then type their name into the main lobby search feature, go to their profile and click report player, when box comes up asking you to select offence, Just type in the hand number, or copy & paste will work very well try catch all info in a chat box…

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How do u do that?

And do they know u are muting them or do u need to tell them?

At the table, click the player’s name, then look in the box that pops up.
You’ll see player’s name, flag, chip rank, and at the bottom, a small triangle, and a small chat balloon.
Click that balloon to mute only that player.
At the top of the table screen, there’s a different chat balloon. If you click that one, you mute the entire table. If you mute the table, you might want to announce that as a courtesy to everyone there, else they will ALL think you’re ignoring them (or you don’t speak their language or your keyboard is broken).
If muting a single player, you’ll have to decide whether you want that person to KNOW you’ve done it or just think s/he is being ignored.

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