Muted players

I’ve been a muted player for some time now (my own fault) but here’s the thing I don’t know about other muted players but I don’t really like playing now because w3hen other players chat to me I can not answer them and I think they think I am ignorant but that’s far from the truth the fact is I am muted so after long consideration over the matter I have come up with what I think is a great solution .Replay poker why can you not put a capital M in Red either before or after a players name so that other players when they see this know that a player like me is muted and not being ignorant or Replay you decide on another method for showing players are muted. What do other muted players think or am I the only player muted on this site?


its a “family” site. they dont want any scrubs.

I think that’s a great idea. I’ve never been muted on this site (though I got a warning once for pointing out that another player’s bets were obviously evidence of sub-normal mental capacity), but I know a number of other players that have been, and they are mostly players I enjoy chatting with. Having something that explains why they are not responding would be nice.


One of my favorite players, who shall remain nameless, once called another player, after consecutive suck outs a “Idiot Bingo King” which promptly got him muted for 6 months. I realize that this probably crossed the line, but was still kind of

lol I unfortunately called a million plus player who went all in 9 out of 11 hands then turned my thoughts on to replay not very nice of me and not my normal temprement but the idiot did my head in oh well a life time ban from chatting serves me right

I’ve been a member since this started, and I’ve been muted several times’ not a big deal/ Being muted is kind of like getting peoed at the situation. An old western time could produce coffin(s). and be unforgiven.
This Replay is for entertainment, and it cab be a little unfair, but just wait, there is always another hand. It’s ment to be fun.
I’ve never paid for chips, and have ceen as high as 600K, and as low as 115/ Do a chat, but not creepy phat. See you at the table of pokerm and most of all, have fun.
Rob, Howwwwling Moon.

You are the only muted player congratulations.

Just let the friends you see the most often that you are muted, so they know you are not being rude by not replying to them.