Mute show red dot

When playing sometimes need to mute. But then no one knows if someone has spoken to the muted, and may think they ignorant. Perhaps then consider a red dot on player’s name thing, to indicate they have muted conversations ?

Good idea…it would also be nice if we could see when a player has their mute chat button on.
I’ve seen players call other players rude because they didn’t respond to nh, etc.

I have suggested for the new format that they put a small speaker (like the one up by the green lobby button) on each players name. That way if the person has their chat turned off OR has been muted for whatever reason it would show an x on the speaker so people wouldn’t think someone was being rude by not answering them.

I also suggested they put the name of the country by the flag. Everyone knows the U.S. and Canada but it would be nice NOT to have to go to the person’r profile page to see they are from Mongolia or other places most of us don’t recognize.

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+1, or a tool tip message giving the name of the country, while hovering over the flag.