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Gypsyman, I mean this with the utmost respect to you… are you having a blonde moment, or are you really a blonde ??? Replay by its own schedule, makes you play 2 @ once … ever heard of the Regional MTTs ??? You must play both per day, they are 1 hr apart starting times, 75% of the time you end up playing both @ same time…

So if there is a problem for replay to address, then RUahead has every right to say something, duhhhhhhhhhh :astonished:


Thanks Sarah :smiley:

I think having a beep that it’s your turn would be fantastic, this way it wouldn’t slow down the game and help us multi tabler’s :money_mouth_face:

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Sassy…with the utmost respect…do you read the post or just look for pictures. If RUahead has a right to say something…don’t I ? And 2nd that’s what I said was replay allows you to do it and that maybe that is the problem.


another site I play’d on, had 2 simultanious alerts. a audio (beep) and the browser window would flash a couple of times, on the rim of the browser. That is the correct way to do it, due to some ppl are deaf and a visual clue is need’d.



Bullony, I quoted you correctly … I’ll do it again

Not allow what ( playing multiple tables ) ??? they force you to play multiple tables !!!

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I’m trying very hard, not to directly insult you … I am saying in a certain situation you are being a complete idiot, but that you, in general, are NOT an idiot…

So 1st, you both have the right to say something…
2nd, you said its a problem for Replay to allow you to do something ( that you should know they specifically force players to do in some MTTs/situations )… so saying it shouldn’t be allowed, knowing that they(replay) want it to happen, makes absolutely no sense to me and seems very idiotic…

If I have quoted you in error I’m really sorry, but now twice I’ve used your words against you to prove you wrong… please if you can… do that to me…

Sassy…you are putting words in to my quotes…I never said replay does not allow or does not want you to play more then 1 table…I just said they shouldn’t. I have read your remarks to people for over a year and you seem to turn to name calling and try to put down people any time the disagree with you. You may not do it intentionally maybe it just comes natural. Earlier you was able to slam 2 in one insult…not only me but blonds. You may want to think about changing that first part of your name.

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I did not , misquote you, nor did I put words in your mouth… I used blondes so I was insulting them not you, well technically… I did that cause of CoC…

All of your comments have a concurrent theme, you think Replay shouldn’t allow multiple tables… it goes against thier schedule of MTTs, against thier revenue stream, and thier whole site … Not once have I seen you list all the reasons NOT to allow multiple tables, nor have I seen you offer a reason why they would also then screw themselves and have to cancel the 2nd regional each day… Am I sassy, yes … can I be sarcastic… well yeah… do I ever intend to be mean… hell no …but if you walk up to me and try and tell me that 2+2=6 … I’m prolly gonna wanna slap ya , but still say " WTF are you think’n … 2+2=4 " … its not personal, I don’t have any personal problem with you… Do I think you said something extremely stupid… Yeah, yes I do … as you said don’t I have the right to my opinion too… but I made damn sure you knew it wasn’t personal…

To me you insulted RUahead too, did I fly off the handle ??? Noooooooo … I feel your pain… I spent 1 year getting to 5.5m, then all of a sudden I got to 19m in a few days … then just a couple hands and I was back to 100k … I too am rebuilding, just took a hit last 4 days for 3m …

It it makes any difference… I’m really really sorry, in my opinion, you said something stupid, and I opened my mouth …:roll_eyes: … that is NOT a sarcastic apology, its a real one…


Ruahead did not get upset and throw a hissy fit. You on the other hand do everytime someone disagrees with you. Like I said you should change that first part of your name Sassy to another more appropriate title. You claim I think 2+2 = 6 because I don’t agree with you . If I prefer chocolate ice cream and you prefer vanilla then I’m an idiot and think like a blond and should be slapped. That’s what you are having a hissy fit over because I think replay should only allow you to play one table at a time and you think they should allow you to play more then one at a time. Its only an opinion not a right or wrong answer. Neither one of us are right or wrong, but your bound and determined to come off being high and mighty. Take a midol and relax.

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You made your opinion perfectly clear earlier on but decided to take a poke because we or I endorse multi-tables and you don’t, I finally decided to take the higher ground and not stoop to your level.

You made your point… just leave your unwanted and disruptive, aggravating. I could see if someone poked you but you started it and deserve everything Sassy said and more! What your doing is wrong :wink:

@Sassy_Sarah is a Superhero!

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I publically apologized to you and even that wasn’t enough. You couldn’t just take my apology, thank me for it, and move on … So from here on out, I’m not sorry for anything I am about to say.

You are incorrect, #1 I’m very Anti-Stupidity, and #2 You still don’t even see it…
In effect I’m talking about ice cream, and you start saying its better than cake … You say you like vanillia ice cream, I say no chocolate is better… and you say… no, chocolate cake isn’t better …

NO … Moreover, I’m saying not only does Replay allow it, but they force thier players to do it … should I type that again… why not…Moreover, I’m saying not only does Replay allow it, but they force thier players to do it…

Thier whole reasoning for putting 2 Regional MTTs 1 hour apart, is so that in that 3-4 hour block… The players can and will play both the 5k and the 15k. Most of the time you end up playing both at the same time… so there’s NO chance in hell, Replay will say, “you can only play 1 table @ a time” and screw all 3 Regionals instantly… I have fought here for many changes, but not ones that just force Replay to give up something… usually my suggestions are a win-win-win for everyone.

Haven’t you ever heard someone say something soooooo stupid, that ya just wanted to smack’em ??? Thats what I was talking about, duhhhhhhhhhh…

No online poker site will limit players to 1 table … NONE …

( to replay staff, I will not respond again to gypsyman in this thread about this subject )

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That’s what I said a long time ago…we would just agree to disagree and leave it at that. But _ _ _ _ _ y _ sarha would not let it go. No one was calling names, talking about slapping people, putting down people till she went off on her rant. As long as I don’t get any e-mails with rants I’m willing to just agree to disagree.

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I guess the bottom line RUahead, is I’m pretty sure its easier to add a prompt for players, than it would be making a whole window act as a rollover (but it might be close to a 40/60 not quite sure), plus the issues stated for alternate input methods such as touch… Tks for back’n me up, sad that “you” just can’t fix stupid.

I even tried to resize the tables but without a widescreen monitor ( don’t have ) I have to overlap tables because the print gets unreadable. I wish I could squeeze 4 tables @once, and see them all in realtime.


I’m running Windows 10 Creators Edition on my Sony Laptop. Using “Snap” that comes with Windows 10 any edition I can put up 4 windows on a 15.5 inch screen at the same time.


Could a player be logged in with their account on two different PCs at the same time. One phone one desktop. Might that work for the adventurous players?

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Hahahaha, I was waiting for someone to say that. I stay logged in on my IPhone all the time but you can’t play to the site because flash is not supported but I read that Player Representative Jan Cee downloaded the " Puffin Browser " to her tablet I’m pretty sure she said and it works but going from phone to computer and back and forth would just wear me out never mind trying to play and think.

I can’t multitask like that lol. I would be interested to hear if someone tries it successfully though.

Give it a go :+1:t2:

Puffin Browser works on my Android but not on my Kindle Fire. Very difficult to play on the phone as it’s too easy to mis-bet/fold so I haven’t done it much. One solution is for multiple monitors on a computer where you have the desktop extended across the 2,3,4 or more monitors. Can’t imagine effectively playing more than 4 tables at the same time.

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Like I said in an earlier post. I run Windows 10 Creators edition and it comes with “snap” installed like in all Windows 10 editions which means you can get up to 4 different windows screens on one monitor (4 squares) but playing poker on them all 4 is too much for me to concentrate on lol plus it’s small because I use it on my 15.6 screen Sony Viao Laptop.

I max out on 2 screens, 2 different tables.
All I can handle at once

Wow this thread went crazy quickly. People on Replay really do not like multi-tabling, which is honestly pretty silly. If they played anywhere else they’d see time banks and much longer action clocks. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lagged out on AA and lost a tourney because of it, which is truly a shame.

I get it if you want to enjoy 1 table and the impossibly short 20sec feels too long, but it’s the best you can find anywhere out there.

I’m like you, AYA. Here to shake the dust off from playing long ago using bankroll mgmt, etc to prepare for hitting real cash again in a professional capacity. For that reason, I wish I could hit 3 tables+ but the timers make it hard. Ah well, though!

I’m actually not here to talk about that.

Regarding your original question

I’m a coder of 20yrs+ and the answer is, yes. If you’re talking Windows, Windows API has a window message system which includes SET_FOCUS. And as it turns out, win 7+ has a way to do it in the Ease or Access Center.

See this for details: Mouse Hover Focus

Otherwise, post your OS and I can find you a script or something for it.

Now what I’d love to see would be shortcut keys! Anyone figures that out without plugging into Flash, do let me know!


My oh My…
I was about half way down and a song came to mind… Here it is the middle of a hot August and I’ll let this video stand as some good advice… We need the day time to be like the nights…:sunglasses:

Note: For the historians, or baseball aficionados. “The Babe” Babe Ruth is in this video with some great footage of the old Yankee Stadium …

Remember… The day time like the nights…

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