Multiple Tables Cursor

Would it be possibly to enable windows when you mouse over with the cursor instead of having to click the window? The reason I ask is because when playing multiple tables you have to click like crazy and sometimes I get folded (every second counts :smiley:


Same here


I think that it would be very hard to control your mouse with just a pass over. There are different mouses and different surfaces that they respond too. One 1/2 inch off and you passed over the wrong button would be disastrous.

Perhaps using a touch screen would be a good start for you. I have both and even the touch screen in windows 10 pro is challenging.

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Unfortunately I have no desire to use touch.

I’m not sure Im following how it could be disastrous :stuck_out_tongue: or really any of the rest lol

The thought is that when your cursor enters the window the window itself is activated or enabled upon exiting the window is no longer active. The mouse or clicks aren’t controlled by anything (but your hand) its enabling/disabling the window once inside of the window you can simply click once (any button you like check/raise/fold/etc).

The way it works now is you have to click that window to enable it then click what you want to do (like check/raise/fold/etc).

Other sites are doing this which is definitely the way to go in my opinion. I hope I explained it better this time? If not please let me know :smiley:

The problem with multiple tables here is no warning on “other” table its your turn until the time left warning which on different speed tables warns you with different times left. If I try and play mult tables here, I nest them so that the most of the nested table, that I can click without an action, is the part visible. This way its very easy to click between tables. It may be possible to use a keyboard shortcut, to toggle between open windows/tabs.


@Sassy_Sarah Thanks Sarah :slight_smile: I’ll give it a go :smiley:

Now I’m not following you as much as you are not following me.

You can have multiple windows open at the same time playing different tables. Tabs have nothing to do with cursors but buttons do when you click.

What sites do as you mentioned?

I am in the pre development stage with a team of programmers for a next generation HTML5 poker platform and no one has any idea what you are talking about just now ?

I would appreciate your input on what poker sites you are talking about and how you navigate the site and tables.

Thank you.


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I’ll try and find time over the weekend and record a quick little video :wink:

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I appreciate that :+1:t2:

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Take a look at this video:

As you can see I have the front window selected by dragging it around and am able to select any button from the window in the background. I’m assuming now looking at it closer that the buttons themselves are active on mouse over . If I were on Replay I would have to click the window to activate it and then click the fold button.

Does this make sense?

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Ah, thank you Michael for taking the time to put that together. Now I understand what you are talking about, makes perfect sense. Not to mention also that you are on an iMac using a magic mouse.

Nice Machine brother !!!

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Very close my friend, 2007 iMac with a Walmart mouse :wink:
I’m glad the video helped :slight_smile: I initially thought the window was active but it seems it’s the buttons or possibly both (OnMouseOver), but it really does make playing multiple tables easier along with notification that it’s your turn.

It would be so cool if replay could do something similar :smiley: …hint, hint…

Haha and I’m still laughing at the (now I’m not following you as much as your not following me)!

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try playing one table at a time…that way you don’t slow down tables also

Didn’t know it affected you so much lol
It’s about building a bankroll so I can play higher stakes with better players to learn more.

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Its not the fact that the whole table isn’t a rollover, its the fact that there isn’t a beep for “its your turn” only a “you have xx seconds left to act” that causes most problems with playing multiple tables… and its a far easier coding issue to fix the latter… and yes with many ppl, slow play @ tables is a problem and I agree with them…

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You are the one that asked the question…how not to get folded out of a hand…play one table and you can keep up with it. Sorry if it offended you.

I’m all for a step forward :wink:

Read it again maybe you’ll understand what was asked (not the result). It’s my choice to play multiple tables and I don’t care if you don’t like it sweetheart :wink:

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I read it …its the fact you cant pay attention to the game if your elsewhere. If you were paying attention…you know when its your turn. Only if your mind is not on the game but on a different one is when you don’t know its your turn to act. Go to a casino and try to play at multiple tables. It would not happen, they would not allow it. That’s what replay should do…not allow it.

Thanks for your opinion.

In my opinion it should be allowed because schedules and times conflict, if I run deep in my usual tournament and then the Summer Road Trip (for example) is starting or another special promotional one, I should have the ability to finish one while starting the next. This isn’t a live casino and there are reasons why multiple tables make sense.

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Lets agree to disagree. I wish you luck at the tables. These games can be a lot like real. I started on replay last July with the chips they gave me. Never bought any chips. By June I had won 3.25 million. The first week of June I was playing in big buy in tables. I was dealt 2kings, so I bet players followed. The flop was K-A-J, so I went pot, everyone folded but one player. Next card was a K ( 4 Ks ) so I bet he raised me, so I went all in, he followed. Last card flopped an …( yea you guessed it ) an Ace…he was holding pair of aces…lost 0ver 3 mil. with 4 ks to his 4 aces. So I have been trying to rebuild again since then. I’m not going to buy chips but I miss the higher buy in games…good luck to you.