Multiple players, possibly same IP address and Additional family members?

There are four or five of us who are currently long term patients in a veterans hospital in the U.S. They have a yifi system set up here so we can get internet anywhere on campus. We usually play on our laptops but sometimes we use the hospital library computers to play. My concern is if we are all showing up on the same IP address because of this. We all really enjoy playing on Replay and don’t want to screw it up because it may look like the same person. Please tell me we are OK. There are several other people here who want to join but theres no use if this is a problem. Please let me know.

Sincerely Lazyboy1167

Hi lazyboy1167,

Thanks for your question. So multiple IP addresses is fine. We realise there are genuine reasons for people to share an IP address: eg. families or office workers playing. So don’t worry, you can continue to play. With the rule changes we really want to target those users who register multiple accounts and then chip dump between those accounts or collude between those accounts on the table. Even though we’re a play money site, we take the game very seriously - and expect all members to play fairly.

Best Regard, Paul.

I too enjoy the site very much…and it’s been stated by myself and my GF that, we both play at the same time from the same IP address. I sit on my laptop and my GF plays from the desktop…and we both have had great times with the verbal banter and competition thats created in playing on your site, My issue is,…we have played in the same tourny on occassion and look forward to that time when we can go head to head to see who will be the champ in the tourney…although usually one of us loses before we can get to that point…lol…anyway…it would sure be nice to NOT be told by the MODS that we can’t play in the same tourney. When the simple solution is to mark my accnt and chk the records and see that we we play fair…we don’t chip dump …and we follow the rules of the site. So whats it gonna take for us to be allowed to play in the same tournys?..and NOT be told we can’t?

SilverLupine@ one of the moderator marked your accounts now with the info you provide.

We try to believe all users who give any info like thet and we aprisiate it.

One thing its not clear amongs the moderators and the staff members… the freerolls. Becouse its “free” may encourage users to cheat more ( Im NOT say its you, just general) This situation make moderators work harder, so I advise you and others to not play freeroll from same address. I hope you see our clear intention and noone take it offensive this.

Thank you!

Taken care of.

Me and my husband can play multi tables,sit & go tournaments and ordinary poker tables together but not freerolls, why? What’s the difference? If I want to cheat or chipdump I can do that on multi tables,sit & go-tournaments also.

I have read Rp rules and I can’t see anywhere in the rules it says that me and my husband can’t play same freerolls.

I’m here to play poker not to cheat.

sorry, I don’t mean together…I mean at the same tables…

If you click the ‘? Get Help’ link just to the right of the Buy Play Chips heading on the Get Chips page, you’ll be able to log a ticket with SuperRewards, who will then be able to investigate this for you. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do to investigate it ourselves, because all the offers are managed by SuperRewards. Sorry I can’t be more help!

freerolls its quet new, as I said, this problem under discuss amongs staff members and staff. There is a rule whatis cover it:

Detection and Prevention ReplayPoker will take steps to detect and prevent all forms of cheating, such as collusion, multiple account abuse and chip dumping. This may include examination of your account and hand histories.

If moderators think you cheat, they will ban you…

Freerolls is different becouse no buy in and thet atract more cheaters.( school kids usualy)

BTW regular or any tour not allowed or advised play from same address. Even if you ask the mods, they put a note on your acc, if the playstile looks suspicious, they will ban you both regardless what other mod said. This is a fine line what is hard to tell some of the user is cheater or legit player.

You can accept this or chose what half of the moderator team say: One acc from one IP can play same and any tour or room.

Some user may say now why we let some users play and some not… Becouse who usualy complaining about this , have a record of cheat/multi acc in the family b4.

You see RP and the moderators want this site make realistic as much as posible, protect legit players. Especialy the players who support the electricity bill of the site.

Paul words “So multiple IP addresses is fine.” And you Marcipan say “BTW regular or any tour not allowed or advised play from same address.”

Do you mean we can’t play at the same tables or same tournaments? so one of us must give up this pokersite?

It’s ok for me to leave this site and I can come back later when RP is bigger and have more tables to choose from.

Just say the word and I close my account.

Its not thet easy… What I try to say, if the users play suspicious in the room, the mods will ask first… For thet, you have to be suspicious. Sorry I wont tell what is be suspicious if you dont mind. I believe you dont want to play against to 6 other account . Did you?

The bottom line is: if any problem, the moderators will sort it out.And support the legit players as much as possible. If you got any idea how to make life easyer for legit users and moderators, please share thet info here, we desperate to hear about it.

I will share my ideas with you, but not this weekend.

Have a Happy Easter.

Despite marcipan’s comment, we actually don’t discourage genuine players who are on the same ip from playing freerolls. So, this one time im going to contradict marcipan and say it’s actually fine to do so. We’re going to introduce a trust system that will help us to distinguish players who create multiple account to play at the same time to cheat, and those that genuinely are just sharing the same ip because in the same location.

Jag_igen, on behalf of the ReplayPoker Team let me assure you that you are very welcome to play on ReplayPoker, in the freerolls, just as in any tourney, ring game or any other type of poker we offer or will offer in future. I think what Marcipan is saying is that there’s a chance that if we there’s a pattern of suspicious behaviour then there it’s possible that could be considered as a multiple account which is against the rules and dealt with accordingly. But if you’re obviously here just to have fun and playing within the rules, you have nothing to worry about. If in doubt, send an email to to let us know why it might appear your the same person and we’ll make sure to mark you as being genuine. Also we’re introducing a trust system to help us be more confident that you are who you say you are. Things like linking up your facebook and twitter accounts, that type of thing. More info to be announced soon!

Thanks Paul =) I have linking up my FB account now.

How can other members of my household play if RP only allows 1 player per IP address???

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What is going on, now that I voiced my thoughts I am no longer allowed to play. What if there was 300 people at a college that were all playing you would cancel all but one this is bull. so you take all my chips and run nice job I will report you to the bbb and see what happens then it is free poker people get a grip,

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We do let play players from same IP now, but if some of them cheat or anything else against the rules, we dont have much choice but ban them all from RP. I suggest you speak with your friends yourself and try convince them play fair. In the meantime, try speak with the moderator who moderate your acc, tell hem maybe who is who or something. read back the previous comments, you can see some case like thet solved before with some communication.

lol at ppl risking getting banned for colluding on a free site, pointless, use that same energy too get better at the game.

ok. i have a small problem that im sure everyone of replay poker does too. well, for a long time, people have been caught using the same ip address and just making 2 accounts to gain chips. Yes its stupid. but no, people who share the same ip address aren’t necessarily hackers. but maybe people playing on the same network. For example, a family playing poker, some friends at school (me)… some people at work. it can be any of those and people are misunderstood for that alot. I was banned for 24 hrs. because i was mistaken as a chip stealer with a same address. So my questions is, is there any way we can block out the hackers from the real players without blocking multiple ip address hosting? because im sorry. maybe somebody is too!

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