MTTs & SnGs - Reminders & Friend Invites.

Most of the following is related to my new found interest in playing quite a lot of SnGs & MTTs. I’ve started playing quite a lot of SnGs & a few MTTs every day.

  1. RP clock: I would love a clock to be displayed on the main page or in the dashboard etc. This would make it much easier to coordinate with international friends in different time zones. Maybe make it possible to toggle between a Global RP time & personally set time. A countdown for maintenance would be good to.

  2. Friend Invites: I would like to invite friends to play an SnG or MTT as well as be invited.

  3. Reminders: I’m currently going through all the MTTs and adding as favourites the one’s that have good blind structures. I wont register for a MTT until less than 15 mins before it starts, but I would like to schedule reminders of MTTs I might like to play. This could be a daily repeat, & the reminder could be 5 mins before start & to open lobby.

  4. More Advanced & Better Filters: This is for MTT game selection. We currently have a few filters and they are good but I would like more. For 1 thing I would like to filter out or block all fast tables appearing for ring. I would like to be able to use this filter at times for MTTs too. Also a filter for the blind structure. Example: I won’t play 6min blinds raise & I wont play starting stack 50BB etc.

  5. Global Group Chat: An ability to chat with friends in a group, or private chat. I’ve used this feature on a different platform & its a great tool. It could be disabled when 2 players in the group are on same table to prevent cheating. There are a number of ways to safely implement the system to make it viable & prevent cheating.

  6. Better Customisation & more Personal: The dashboard almost never features any games I’m interested in playing. Other platforms I’ve played on offer the option to select how much (%) of your bankroll you want to play. Offering games based on this or favourites makes more sense. Might also help players that keep losing their entire bankroll.

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I second most of these. It’d really help make the heads-up tournament I’ve been trying to organize to work smoothly.

When inviting a friend to play, it should reserve a seat at the table for them for a few minutes, pending the invitee accepting or denying the request.