MTT's By Player Type?

I’ve been here for awhile and played a few hands, and on a very base level I see 2 kinds of players. One type plays the game much like they would if they had actual money on the table…sort of, lol! That’s my style and the style of a lot of players I’ve played. But there is another type that will go all in preflop with a 4s9d…

I realize that green players are more likely to play that way. I’ve read stuff that tells new players to do just that to knock out other players, but I don’t think that’s most of these players…I think they’re just a “fortune wheel spinner” type of player. So how about a Wheel-O-Fortune game so they can get together and have fun bingoing each other? At least they won’t be at my table, lol!

I think of it as All-In-Russian-Roulette. It’s tedious but they usually knock themselves (or me) out eventually, so either way, I don’t have to play them for too long. :smiley: