MTT tournament points do not match up?

This is my first post to the Replay Poker forum, and first of all I wish to apologize for any potential errors in the sentence structure , as English is not my native langue.

Recently I noticed that the awarded points that you earn by finishing in the first 50%, and count for the monthly MTT ranking tables. Do not “match up” whit the points that actually where added to the total. Before this was no problem, and I’m sure that there is a reason for that, only I can’t find any information about this, not in the FAQ, not on the forum etc.

So I was wondering if some of you, also noticed this, and have an explanation for that, I have the impression that the ones you’re in the TOP10 (on the monthly rankings) you only get about 55- 60%, so the rankings stay relatively close to another, and are that way still interesting to enter for people that do not have allot of time, to play all the tournaments, or registrated to Replay Poker in the middle of the month.

I happy to hear any thoughts on this, and would appreciate that someone could inform me with the regulation about this topic.


For the monthly leaderboard - MTT Low the tournament points of your Top 40 played tournaments determinate your ranking. (mediium also your top 40 and high your top 20 played tournaments)

Means when you played 40 medium mtts you only go up with tournament points when your next tournament is better as one of first 40 tournaments.

Only the tournament points earned in your best played 40 (or 20 in high) tournaments go toward the monthly leaderboard.

Hope this helps.

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Hello Happiness,

Thanks! Yes, it helps allot, it makes sense to.

Maybe any suggestion to put this in the text, on top of the tournament ranking pages, together with the way tournament points are calculated.

So when I understand you correctly, the way to see if any tournament has the potential to move up in the ranking table, is to look at the average of the already played tournaments, and when you end up with a better result, you that result changes your ranking? I suppose…

Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate this:laughing:

Thanks for your suggestion!

And yes, after 40 played tournaments you can look to your average points and to your lowest points to see if you can go up. When your lowest is 0 points you go up when you earn tournament points. And you never go down in total points.

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