MTT top twenty

have got this wrong ? it one player plays in a 100 tours qualifies for points in 30 and as there top 20 as the total.but the second player only played in say 40 qualifies for 25 and have there top 20 but are 1 point behind the 1st player is the better player is that fair ??

The best player is the player who earned the most tournament points won in his top 20 played mtts for the high leaderboards or top 40 best played mtts for the low and med monthly leaderboards.

It doesn’t matter if that player played 200 tournaments that month or only 50 tournaments in total that month, players are free to play how many they want.
Winning a mtt is not easy, there is a hugh difference in the number of tournament points to win between the 1st and 2nd place, most of the time 10K or more, between the places 7 / 8 or 10 / 11 the difference is is about the 1K points.
So you need to end high for climbing up in ranking.

Some examples:

Buy-in 2,5K and 115 participants (hard to win this)
1st place - 47.163 tournament points
2nd place - 33.350 tournament points
10th place - 14.915 tournament points
11th place - 14.221

Buy-in 10K and 65 participants
1st place - 40.312
2nd place - 28.504
10th place - 12.748
11th place - 12.155

When you end first in the 2.5K tournament you have a lot of tournament points, when you end first in that 10K tournament you have earned more as the 2nd place in that 2.5K tournament, number of participants is very important also.

Of course when you play more tournaments you have more chances for ending high in tournaments, but you still have to play very well, if you play 200 tournaments and you end always in the top 10% to top 50% of the field you probably not end high enough.When you play 100 tournaments and you win regulary you will end higher most of the time.

Think when players play a few tournaments a month they not even play for placing on leaderboards, they play for winning chips and for having fun in the tournaments.

name any other leagues where you an play more games than others, so man utd can play 50 games and everybody else 30 and that right is it % wise its way off

You can not compare a football (soccer) league with a poker leaderboard.
Too many difference. In soccer the team with the most goals not always wins the league.

you are 2nd in MTT high (well played ) 1st as played 10 more games av 9,100 per game your av 11 400 this does not inlude all the games that did not qualified for

got to be a better way but if i win one day this way would the best way

Ending on top will be difficult anyway, last week of the month the top must win good tournaments for climbing up, no matter if we played 100 or 200 games already.
I have a disadvantage also, Tournament Big Guess is populair and a lot of tournament points for the winner, i never play that tournament. But also winning from 50 players is more difficult than winning from 30 players, and not always the same player will win that tournament.
We all have to find our own way to the top!

Good luck chad!