MTT that Mimics Live Play, (Small Stakes)

I would like to see MTT game that mimics live play small stakes.

I know it would be unreasonable to have actual 20 minute levels but a shorter time because online you get to play more hands but with Blinds that mimic real live play… such as 5,000 starting stacks with 100/200 blinds (possibly even a BB ante), with 25/50 blinds increasing like real live small stakes mtt tournaments (50/100, 100/200, 150/300, 200/400, etc…) where by the 7th level you may be short stacked and pushing for your tournament life.

Its the visual and realization that Im looking for, sure there may be games that closely mimic this but with blinds that are 10/20 but its a difficult realization and doesn’t really bring it home.

I have yet to see games (on this site, other sites and even real money sites) try to actually mimic live tournament play… why is this? I believe the time for levels is the only variable that would need to be tweaked.

The other games that are currently established may be made to keep players more engaged and coming back to the site but has anyone ever tried the real situation visualization? It might be a game changer?

I believe it would help players who play online be able to cross over and be better prepared for real games.

This is on my wish list for replay and not every game just one game per day/week (pacific time please) that mimics this :grin:

Let me know if you like this idea?

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I’m not sure about this. Often it feels like by the first break, the bulk of the field is sitting at less than 20BB - and often far less. That makes it really difficult to maneuver from a classical strategy perspective. If you’re looking for short-stacked tournaments, maybe check out the turbo SnG’s?

Personally, I’d like to see more deep-stacked tournaments, where the blinds increase slowly. I’d like to see the bulk of the field averages out to 100+BB for the bulk of the tourney. That’s a much more strategy-rich environment, and would give players who have a very strong intuitive sense of the game an edge over “bingo” players that tend to dominate when the field is short-stacked.

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It is faster but it’s more of what you’ll play live in real smaller stakes, playing SnG’s just won’t do it. The field of the structure mentioned above that I just finished playing live had around around 750 players.

Don’t get me wrong I would love to play larger deepstacked but the buy in for those is steep for me in real life but wouldn’t mind seeing those as well :wink:

I’m not asking to change all of the games just add one or two real life scenario games.

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agreed on both of you,

my preference also goes to more deepstacked tourneys, but imo adding more possibilities (no matter which ones) will help more people. if someone likes shortstacking they can pick the turbo tourneys, if someone likes deepstackiing they can pick the deepstacked tourneys.

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