MTT Review Game#1 178 hands

If anyone wants to join in on picking my play apart for the better it would be appreciated! I tried to stick to some new ranges Im trying out, constructive criticism welcome. Im posting every hand for patterns (positional, leaks etc…).

I’ll look for a better format so that this is easier on the eyes but here it is for now:

Hand Holding Action Position
178 3♥️7♣️ Fold UTG
177 6♦️5♠️ Fold UTG
176 4♦️Q♥️ Fold Cutoff
175 A♣️K♥️ Raise/Cbet UTG
174 7♥️4♠️ Played BB

Im shocked he didn’t raise pre flop, Im pretty sure I would have folded. I was not sure if I should have raised the turn? but now looking at equilab against the hand and range good stuff.

173 10♠️2♣️ Fold SB
172 6♣️2♥️ Fold Button
171 4♣️A♣️ Raise/fold flop bet Cutoff
170 A♥️J♣️ Raise/ HiJack

Got very lucky should have lost half my stack, against a tight range I probably had around 60% but if he’s betting like that he must have me dominated, its not that shiny of an ace (over valued) should have called the flop no need to raise, and try to call down as light as possible, on he turn though it gets good and could
have bet 3/4 for a river shove.

169 A♥️10♦️ Limp/called minraise UTG
168 K♥️8♥️ Limp/fold agression BB
167 Q♣️4♣️ Limp/fold agression SB
166 K♠️7♠️ Fold Button

to many callers to raise if the hijack was sticky could have lost a good amount Im good with the fold.

165 Q♣️4♠️ Fold Cutoff
164 K♦️J♣️ 3 Bet Hijack

Should have folded he called the 3 bet pre and shoved over my C bet post flop somehow we chopped

163 Q♦️J♥️ Raise Early
162 9♣️J♣️ Limp/Fold Early

Im not involved in this one but 2 pair vs set what a river.

161 2♠️K♥️ Fold to raise BB

Im not involved in this one but Cool hand JJ vs QQ vs AK.

160 9♠️3♦️ Fold SB
159 9♦️8♣️ Raise Button

Bluffed the river to win.

158 K♦️9♠️ Fold Hijack
157 10♠️K♦️ Fold Mid
156 J♠️Q♥️ Raise/ Cbet win Early
155 4♠️6♥️ Fold Early
154 K♠️A♣️ Raise UTG

tried stealing light it didn’t work out, had to fold the turn facing an all in, easy but good fold.

153 K♠️Q♦️ Raise/Cbet Mid
152 2♥️10♣️ Fold Early
151 3♥️9♦️ Fold Early
150 8♦️8♠️ Raise BB

I played the hand completely wrong I chickened out and didn’t follow through with the C bet to see where I was, which made it so that I had no idea where I stood with this hand (except being beat), plus Im out of position and need to consider that by raising a little larger he may have folded, if he called a Cbet I would
be done with the hand :slight_smile:

149 K♠️7♣️ Fold SB
148 7♦️A♠️ Fold Button
147 5♣️2♣️ Fold Hijack
146 7♠️10♦️ Fold Mid
145 K♣️A♠️ Raise Early
144 3♣️Q♥️ Fold UTG
143 A♠️2♦️ Limp BB
142 9♣️7♠️ Fold SB
141 Q♣️9♣️ Limp/should raise Button
140 10♠️3♣️ Fold Hijack
139 4♠️A♣️ Fold Mid
138 J♦️3♣️ Fold Early
137 2♥️7♣️ Fold UTG
136 6♥️5♣️ Check/Limp BB
135 6♦️J♣️ Call/Fold SB
134 K♦️3♠️ Fold Button
133 3♣️K♥️ Fold Cuttoff
132 J♦️5♥️ Fold Mid
131 Q♣️9♦️ Fold Mid
130 Q♣️7♠️ Fold Early
129 3♣️8♠️ Check/Fold BB
128 A♦️2♦️ Call/turn bluff SB
127 7♣️A♦️ Fold Button
126 A♦️5♥️ Call Cutoff
125 10♥️9♣️ Fold Hijack
124 7♥️9♦️ Fold Mid
123 2♥️6♦️ Fold Early
122 2♥️8♣️ Fold UTG
121 5♠️7♣️ Call min raise BB
120 8♦️2♣️ Fold SB
119 9♠️4♠️ Fold Button
118 K♣️A♦️ Raise Cutoff

This one was interesting.

117 Q♣️6♠️ Fold Hijack
116 Q♠️6♥️ Fold Mid
115 7♦️7♠️ Called 3 bet Early

he had a better pair I was being stubborn and could have lost less… once I raised to see where he was I should have folded and not put another penny in the pot. Maybe it was because I had the chips to play with?

114 Q♠️K♣️ Called 3 bet shove BB

I figured losing a few thousand wouldn’t hurt for the chance to get a player out but in hindsight my equity is only 32% against a strong range and it just cost to much.

113 K♠️A♦️ Raise/called down SB

I couldn’t find the raise button or fold button but I find it on the next hand.

112 A♥️K♦️ Raise/Cbet Button
111 9♥️8♣️ Call nice flop Cutoff
110 A♣️4♣️ Fold Hijack
109 9♦️6♣️ Fold Early
108 Q♠️10♦️ Call/should fold UTG
107 Q♦️5♥️ Call down BB
106 4♣️A♣️ Fold to raise SB
105 9♣️J♦️ Fold Button
104 2♣️Q♠️ Fold Cutoff
103 2♥️3♠️ Fold Hijack
102 7♥️A♥️ Call down UTG
101 8♠️6♣️ Fold/Beautiful flop Early
100 10♥️K♦️ Fold UTG
99 4♠️K♣️ Check BB

Where’s the fold button, the plan was to check it down but on the river I thought he was making a move because the board changed but he was being honest and I couldnt fold my 2 pair, this is another spot where a Cbet and turn bet may have done the trick but thats what happens when you slow play.

98 9♠️3♦️ Fold/was raised SB
97 A♣️8♥️ Raise Button

This was an expensive call down (the ace and diamonds were so nice to see on the river), this is a flaw of

96 2♣️4♣️ Call Cutoff
95 7♦️3♠️ Fold Mid
94 2♦️8♦️ Fold Mid
93 5♦️9♠️ Fold Early
92 10♥️9♣️ Fold UTG
91 7♥️Q♦️ Check/minBluffTurn BB
90 10♣️5♥️ Fold SB
89 4♠️J♦️ Fold Button
87 7♦️K♠️ Fold Hijack
86 7♣️J♣️ Fold Mid
85 6♥️8♠️ Limp/Fold Early
84 A♦️Q♦️ Raise UTG
83 A♠️7♦️ Fold CO
82 10♣️7♠️ Fold HJ
81 K♣️7♠️ Fold UTG

Im not involved in this one but wow a pre flop shove with pocket 8’s the button wakes up with AA and quads are flopped.

80 Q♠️6♣️ Called Raise/Bluff BB
79 4♣️6♠️ Fold SB
78 A♣️8♦️ Limp Button
77 10♦️2♦️ Fold CO
76 8♦️2♦️ Fold UTG
75 9♦️4♠️ Called Raise BB

This was a horrible defend before the flop (should have folded), I hit 2nd pair which puts me around 51% vs a strong range he puts in half of his stack and I decided to put the rest in, Im beat by so many J’s a set of 5’s and over pairs (I ignored the signs), I sucked out on the river… brutal.

74 K♥️A♥️ Raise Button
73 10♦️Q♠️ Fold CO
72 A♠️J♠️ Raise/3BetCall UTG
71 5♠️10♠️ Check/Raise BB

——— and we have a final table :wink: ————
70 A♦️2♥️ Limp SB
69 4♥️5♥️ Raise/Cbet Button
68 8♣️6♣️ Raise/Walk CO
67 A♣️Q♣️ Called All in HJ
66 9♦️2♠️ Fold LJ
65 K♠️Q♥️ Raise/FoldFlop Early
64 9♣️J♦️ Fold UTG
63 Q♠️A♥️ Raise SB
62 7♣️3♠️ Fold Button
61 J♣️K♥️ Raise CO
60 2♠️K♣️ Fold HJ
59 K♦️2♣️ Fold UTG
58 3♣️10♥️ Fold SB
57 5♠️10♦️ Fold Button
56 9♣️10♦️ Fold CO
55 6♣️3♥️ Fold UTG
54 5♣️K♦️ Called Raise BB
53 2♦️J♦️ Fold SB
52 A♥️2♥️ Limp/Cbet Button
51 Q♠️J♠️ Raise CO
50 6♦️7♠️ Fold UTG
49 8♥️6♥️ Check/Fold flop BB
48 4♥️6♠️ Fold SB
47 8♠️Q♣️ Fold Button
46 6♦️7♦️ Raise/Fold2Allin CO
45 7♦️2♦️ Fold UTG
44 3♦️5♣️ Check BB
43 10♥️6♣️ Fold SB
42 6♠️5♣️ Fold Button
41 7♥️5♣️ Limp UTG
40 3♦️6♣️ Check/FoldCbet BB
39 7♦️9♠️ Raise/Cbet SB
38 4♣️10♥️ Fold Button
37 J♣️3♠️ Fold UTG
36 8♣️8♦️ CalledRaise/FoldFlo BB
35 10♣️7♣️ Limp/FoldRaiseFlop SB
34 9♥️Q♣️ Fold Button
33 8♥️K♠️ Fold UTG
32 A♣️A♠️ Raise/CallDown BB
31 J♣️3♠️ Fold SB
30 2♣️J♠️ Fold Button
29 A♣️6♦️ Fold UTG
28 5♥️3♥️ Check BB
27 A♠️8♣️ Raise/FoldFlop SB
26 9♠️J♥️ Raise/Fold2Allin Button
25 J♠️Q♣️ RaiseCall3Bet UTG
24 5♦️3♠️ Fold SB
23 8♠️7♥️ Fold Button
22 4♣️K♦️ Check/Call/Fold BB
21 A♥️9♣️ Raise/FoldFlop SB
20 J♥️10♣️ Call,CallRaise Button
19 7♣️8♣️ Raise/Cbet BB
18 5♣️J♦️ Fold SB
17 K♠️3♣️ Fold Button
16 9♣️4♦️ Check/call/Fold BB
15 10♥️Q♠️ Raise/Check/Bet SB
14 A♠️6♠️ Raise/Check/Call/C Button
13 7♣️5♥️ Check/Fold BB
12 10♣️Q♥️ Call/Fold SB
11 9♠️6♣️ Fold Button
10 8♥️10♦️ Check BB
9 10♥️2♥️ Call Button
8 3♥️Q♠️ Check BB
7 7♦️4♠️ CallFold2Raise Button
6 5♦️J♠️ Check BB
5 5♦️J♠️ CallFold2Raise Button

What are the chances u get the exact same hand 2 times :slight_smile:

4 J♣️9♣️ Raise/FoldFlop BB
3 4♦️10♥️ Fold/GiveWalk Button
2 J♠️8♥️ Raise/Cbet BB

Cant believe I called this one with J high with an inside straight draw possible J high flush draw

1 2♣️2♦️ RaiseCallAllin Button

Thats it for this one… I had a lot of good hands in this tournament, I got lucky quite a bit as well.

Rough estimates for pre flop only, I’ll have to take better notes in the future to break things down better and break it down by all streets and I still need to figure out how to format it so it shows well in these posts.

Raised Pre-flop	Early Mid	Late Blinds
35/178 19.7%	 9	   2	 13	  11

3 Bet	Limp/check	Fold 	VPIP
  1		     23		89		  65

So far the stats are looking bleak hahaha much to do :smiley:

Any beneficial tips on other things to track to improve id love to hear them.

wow, that’s a laaaaaarge list :slight_smile:

i just gonna analyse them in stacks of 5 until i get bored or run out of time:

1: i think playing the hand is fine, but i would much rather shove it right away because 22 is ok HU, but it’s a hand that almost always flips, so you want the extra fold equity you get by shoving 7 BB’s. if you get called anyway you either chop or are far behind. but if you are far behind it means he has a bigger pair which he won’t gonna fold anyway, and you aren’t gonna fold this one either so it will go in anyway if that happens.
long story short: just shove this one right away.

2: i actually see a lot of flaws in this one,
preflop: you min raise your J8o, this seems wrong for several reasons. if you raise you do it either as bluff or for value. this is certainly not a value hand. but if you raise as a bluff i would consider making it 3BB’s instead of 2 because it would rarely make him fold. don’t know if u had reads on him, but if u had it shows he plays extremely loose (at least in this hand he did), making it another reason not to bluff, however without reads it could be a good move since he just limped the SB (but it still should have been 3BB’s). besides of that, you play OOP, which is another reason why you don’t want to increase the pot, however IP it would have been fine.
flop: considering you shown initiative and have 12 outs Cbetting is fine
turn: this is a tough one, double barreling could be fine but i lean more towards checking and decide if you would call based on if/how much he would bet. first of all since he has called the flop already, and if he has one spade he would very likely call again. second because you are too short to make a good move if he starts showing resistance. as played, i would still fold to his check-raise because you barely don’t make the right odds to call, besides of that none of your 12 outs are pure.

3: fold is fine

4: in this hand i would either check or making a 3BB raise. raising 2BB’s is only for value which isn’t the right hand to do that with. this medium suited 1 gapper is more or less like making a semi bluff postflop, so the same approach is the better option. but you should also know that suited connectors are less valuable HU then when in a multi way pot because you have to hit your str8 or flush to maximize your profits. but since the pair drawing value is decent too and he just limped the SB, a 3BB raise seems fine here. but since you play it OOP a check is ok too. as for the flop, i would certainly Cbet here, since you raised pre and he only called twice, you defenitely have Ax in your range while he doesn’t. a Cbet of about 70% of the pot would be fine. as played the fold to his bet is fine, the only thing you could do is making a check raise bluff, which i would certainly use when you were deeper stacked, but not when you are short.

5: this is actually a situation where i would consider a minraise, your hand is mediocre at best but you are IP, so it’s probably good enough, just not to build a huge pot with. as played i would also call his min raise, if it’s good enough to limp the SB, you can also call his min raise. however minraising yourself is much better becasue you have position and initiative, while you gave the initiative to him now instead.

6: most of it is played fine, but i saw a few small things:
preflop: checking is fine here
flop: the check-call slowplay is also fine here, i don’t mind the 2 spades here since you just have only one player against you, besides of that you even hold a blocker which can turn intoo a runner runner flush
turn: i also like the check raise at this point, but instead i would check raise higher (probably 15-20K). as i see it a few things could be possible, 1 he has a draw, since this is a double suited board now, there are a lot of scare cards that you don’t wanna see, still a small chance but the pot is already decent and there is not much need in taking the risk. 2 he holds a monster and slowplays, possible, but such a low chance it isn’t worth worrying about at all. 3 he has complete air and bluffs you, might be an argument to call again, but it doesn’t add up to the arguments to CR, 4 he holds a small pair (J,9 or 5), might indeed be an argument to bet lower but you won’t get much more out of it anyway, a J might but that’s about it. 5 he holds a K, the best scenario, he will defenitely call your bigger raise and it gets in when given the chance. 6 he holds Ax or Qx, this are the other hands you might hope for that can pay you off by let him draw, but it’s very unlikely this is gonna help u at all because Ax probably would have raised pre and Qx is already scared of the K.
river: obviously a great card and you want as much value as possible. so i would advise to bet higher (about half pot), most cards that are willing to pay would call you anyway, a K or 5 defenitely, a J might even do that too considering your call on the flop, you might get a call of a 9 now which you otherwise wouldn’t but that’s about it. however bluffs and draws all missed and would fold no matter what.

7: you can just fold this one right away

8: played 100% right

9: don’t have much to add on preflop, flop, and turn because of the obvious slowplay/pot control reasons. however the river is really a tough one, i have a lot of respect to your laydown because he certainly reps 2x or better, i think i would still call however because even if he has the last 2, there are still lots of kickers you are ahead of. there is a blocker for the king, and A2 would probably raise pre, however you are ahead of 9,7,6,5 and 4 and behind J and Q. and of course the much lesser likely sets,3,8,K and A. of course you are also ahead of bluffs and Kx hands. but as played i also respect the laydown.

10: (just see this is the same hand as 9, need to know which one is the right before answering this one)

11: fold seems fine

12: i think you played it well by calling pre and folding to the bet on the flop. of course your hand is too good to fold the SB, and calling is fine because you have to play OOP. but the only small thing i like to add is if the table is passive, you might consider to make a 4BB raise from time to time, most of the time they will fold, and if they call you most likely get it with a Cbet anyway, and if you hit you are also often holding the winning hand too. but know this is just additional information and the calling here is perfectly fine.

13: i think you played this one fine too, however i probably would make a 3BB raise here preflop, since he just calls the SB he shows weakness already, meaning you can probably steal it now. and even if he calls you still hold position on him.

14: this whole hand is player very well. preflop i would usually raise to about 3BB’s, but since the SB is quite short you give yourself space to fold in case he might shove. as for all postflop actions, the checking on the flop and river are good because you are probably ahead anyway, and if he holds a K or J he isn’t going anywhere in the first place. as for calling the minbet on the turn, same reason applies why this is good.

15: preflop i would raise a little higher (probably about 8K), the minraise denies you the fold equity and you have to play this hand OOP. as played i like the check on the flop, because all those low cards are in the BB’s range. the minbet on the turn is obvious of course because he timed out and any bet will make him insta fold.

16: here i would have folded right away on the flop, it’s true you have some equity with you baby flushdraw, but you still need to hit it as usual and even if you hit it’s completely uncertain if it matters anyway. as for the fold on the turn when you did hit, this one is player well, you an only call here as bluffcatcher, and the bet is just to high to call here and just hope he doesn’t have it and hope he doesn’t bet again…

17: i would raise this one to 8K instead of folding, 3handed on the BTN K high is is good enough, even with such a lousy kicker

18: good fold

19: (you posted the wrong hand here, its the same as 20.)

20: since you are on the BTN i would usually make a raise here but since you are fairly short i think the limp is fine, as for the minbet call preflop, this is also ok.on the flop you get a gutshot, and you face a minbet. but since you get great odds to call, this one is good. the call on the turn seems good to me too, there are 2 diamonds there but since you just face 1 opponent and don’t have any reason to believe he draws the slow play seems good to me. on the river he minbets again. so since he minraised pre but plays very weak postflop i assume he either has 7x, highcards or a weak pair. so i agree raising his minbet low is good, but i think you can make it about 10K instead of 6. since you haven’t made any raise yet he might even bluffcatch it with high cards and certainly with one of the other 2 options.

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