MTT Redirect

In MTT I keep getting redirected to another table. I lose my edge with the players I was betting with.

This will always happen in multi-table tournaments. I suggest you try playing the sit & go tournaments where you will stay at the same table.

Hope this helps, and good luck!


true, but the same thing will happen to your opponents, in other words, everyone needs to switch their reads to different people from time to time.

the reason people get redirected is to keep the number of players more equal. lets say you play 45 people, so 9 on each table. after a while you lose 5 on the first, 1 on the second, 2 on the third and 7 on the fourth table. now we have a table of 4, 8, 7 and 2. meaning 2 players are forced to play HU and the majority still plays multi way, meaning different play is required by different players. so to get it more equal they get merged (sooner then this example of course) into 3 tables of 7. eventually when there are 18, you’ll get 2 tables of 9. if one of them loses lots of players while the other one doesn’t they will get equal again.

hope this helps,