MTT lobby not updating properly

… mostly before the tourney starts & sometimes during the game, F5 helps but still :slight_smile:



(using google chrome)

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Have same problem on google chrome and safari and just e.

You can try to clear your cache, have no more than 2 windows open on the site and refresh the page.

Hope that helps.


It’s a legitimate problem, I sometimes don’t get “beeped” to start the tourney until 4-5 minutes after it’s started - and sometimes not at all.

The lobby window should be polling for updates every few seconds - this is not something that would be affected by browser cache. :slight_smile:

what dog says.


Yes, I understand it’s a legitimate problem by the posts here. All I can tell you is this is what I do and I use Microsoft Edge as a browser and have few clichés. I will forward your problems and concerns to tech support.