Mtt championship

I feel all the ohama and royal players get left out of the yearly grand championship mtt tornament , hope to see top 5 in all the monthly omaha/omaha hi/lo / royal have a chance to play in this and think they should earn a ticket to enter it.


Thank you for your feedback @swampghost. :raised_hands:

The Championships won’t be renewed in 2018. We may have a new yearly competition replacing it for MTTs and SNGs but the current format will not be running post January.

Championship MTT
I thought it was a well run, injoying program and tournaments playing in the
championship mtt. Player’s playing poker using stratigy to gain tournament
points to get tickets to be able to play in the top tournament is outstanding.
I would injoy doing that again and i’m sure there are new and old players that
want that promotion to run again. Please run again some day :).


a while ago (shortly before the championships were announced) i suggested an idea that looks a bit like these tournaments, except it’s open to everyone who likes to enter, and it has a lot more special stuff involved.

besides of that there were players and staff who liked the idea but these championships were used instead.
but since these altered version have failed, perhaps it’s a fun idea to use my idea now. the people who liked the old championships might like this version too (perhaps even better), and the people who didn’t liked the old championships might like these ones because it doesn’t force you to play an incredible amount of time, still keeps the exclusivity because of the structure, and it has much more fun things in it.

for the people who have forgotten the real idea, here is my thread: replay poker world championship

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My problem with the championship MTT is that it took place only once a month and at a specific time which was never convenient to me. It falls on midnight on Sunday, and there is no other time I could use my ticket. So I had 6 unused tickets until yesterday. Yesterday was the first time I ever used a ticket and I couldn’t stay awake to continue the tourney, I had to drop out. It was a good tourney, lots of great players, no bingoers, and I was enjoying it really. But the timing made it impossible for me to make use of the tickets or even play for the leader board etc…


no matter what time they set, someone wouldda been sleeping, right ?
When they announced the Championships last year, I thought it was brilliant !!!
It was the most grueling Promotion there kinda can be, but then they kill’d the very reason it was sooooo very kewl… Originally there were 60 spots up for grabs each month, and no benefit to having more than 1 each month, basically trying to get an advantage for mult tickets… and there wasn’t any… Each month was compartmentalized , so you had to work your butt off all 12 months, to be able to play in all 12 monthly MTTs… you couldn’t slack off somehow and still play all 12… then everything chg’d… and in mid february they chg it so that tickets were now bankable… that , to me ( and others I have spoke to ) that defeated the whole point of it, cause now ppl could slack off and still play in all 12… I knew I couldn’t play enuff to get 1 each month so after March, I stopped trying …

I know both sides to that chg, and am not rehashing it here, but thats what turned me off to the whole thing…the fact that a player had to play hard 12 months straight, was the 1 big draw for me to that promotion…it was just sooooo tough, maybee it was just too tuff… iono, but thats where the challenge was.

The Idea of a once a month, concurrent MTT, running yearly is a awesome idea. Having players who were tops this month, play against each other is awesome. I would assume that part of the awesome part for Replay is … it brings players back each month to play. So few players earned those tickets, so it boggles me, who wouldda wanted replay to allow tickets to stack, but I have a good idea…

Perhaps it was there were too few tickets distributed in the 1st place ? What Maya said, 1 day/time only, but it can’t be any other way…someone ( timezone ) always will get the short stick. Even the regionals have the prob, late in the month activity drops off cause less & less ppl still have a chance of winning the LB…

:wine_glass: cheers, we will miss you Champ MTT.

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Exactly Sarah, the time issue could have been solved by having more than 1 tourney a month, set at different times to suit everyone. If there were at least 2 tourneys per month set at 24 hours difference, then I would have played at least 1 of them and made use of my tickets. But I guess it’s too late now. As you said, RIP Championship MTT :innocent:

You misunderstood, what I said was 1 timezone always gets the short stick, cause it can only be done once a month , at 1 time.

Hence my suggestion for it to be done more than once a month. Twice a month, suiting 2 time zones, solves the issue.

its like the WSOP Maya, if you can’t get vacation time to go play, you can’t play…
they still have to schedule it for a certain day/time, don’t they ?
They whole point is to have only 1 MTT a month, so ya can’t have 2-3…

I can’t see why not Sarah. Nothing wrong with having 2-3 a month. More players, more participants, and more happy people that way. It’s nothing like the WSOP.

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Championship should be continued as it is It is very interesting and encourages to play carefully to obtain a ticket Only change is required to use ticket in the following month only and one player should be given one ticket only irrespective of tickets earned in different type of tournaments


And that ticket should be used only once in only 1 tourney in only 1 month. I agree. That still doesn’t make it wrong to have more than 1 tourney a month, at different times, to suit players in different time zones. If I get 1 ticket and I can use it in just 1 tourney, I will pick the one that suits my time zone and use it there. Still fair for everyone.

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