MTT beta tables

Anyone know what time the MTTs with the beta tables run? I didn’t see them in the lobby, but there’s a lot there.

At the moment there is only one Beta MTT tournament running each day, and this is in testing mode. When they become generally available the times will be posted in the forum.

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All testers are part of the “Beta Testing League” and currently there is one tournament a day taking place at 12:30PM ET.

I hope this helps.



tks, Marc. I thought I remembered 1:00 pm, (10:00, for me) but guess i would have been late.
tks again

If you played the Beta tables earlier, you are already a member of the “league.” Click Leagues from your profile and then that day’s game. You can only enter during the morning after it is open to registration, for that day. There is a 5 minute late registration window I think. So far, two tables is the most entries I’ve seen. If you’re not already a member of the league and want to join, PM one of the organizers listed.