More turbo rooms

I brought up this idea to address the issue of very slow rooms. However my idea was ushered back to 2011 chats. That is as bad as the slow rooms. Maybe the issue should be addressed again. I’d wager (no pun intended) that the idea would find many to the liking of this as a new issue.

Turbo tournaments are to few. I fold out of tournaments lately because they are to slow. Turbo was added, but look how few there are. Five and six hours between. You’re lucky to find one in a day, unless you do nothing else. Which i might consider if there were more. There is absolutely not enough turbo tournaments throughout the day. ADD MORE!!! Faster games translates to more money for the site. Think long and hard about that. Unless the owners don’t care about money, which i don’t believe.

I no longer desire to play unless it is a faster game, which means I don’t get to play much anymore.