More rapid than this?

I was playing PLO Hi/Lo marathon weekly promo. I met a person there, who has made more than seven million chips in 1-2 months of joining (joined Jun 19), rpp level 50, achievements 40 and friends 50. Anyone more rapid than this.

Easy game for decent players.

Lol, well if you play lots everyday, and if you already know the game well before joining, it can go very fast.
I went from 1 million to 10 million in 2 days this week, lost 7 million yesterday but let’s forget that lol.

This is known as the Isildur method of bankroll management.

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This is why you’re having a hard time getting out of low stakes on Replay. I think you can play and move up pretty quickly off 20 buy ins once you’re gotten to 1M. If you want to get out of low stakes you can not be torching 70% of your bank roll in one day. Baby steps brother.

Good luck, Cheers!

EDIT: I want to add that it’s okay to take shots at bigger games but maybe just jump to the next level or two. Don’t jump 4-5 levels where you’re putting 50% of your roll on the table at once. Variance is too high with these guys calling all in pre to 4 way pots.


lol, I agree ! Isildur is a freaking god, and I’m using his special strategy, so I’m a god too, maybe a little bit ?!

I totally agree with what you say dayman, but one part of me doesn’t want to play with a BRM, and the other wants to. I like risks, I don’t want to lose the time I have right now with donks, even though I feel they’re everywhere.
In September I’ll be studying, so I’ll have to forget Replay for atleast 3-5 years (I hope/think). Maybe I can play sometimes, but I think it’s better for me not to.

All I tried was to get top 1k in like 2 weeks, to play with better players one last time during my holidays. I tried it three times now, and only got to 10 million max. I pretty much gave up now, still have 4 weeks of holiday, and I fear I won’t try it once more.

All I said might come over like stupidity, but I don’t know why I’m not patient, since I would really love it to play daily with top 500 maybe even top 200 players. I think I would get so much better, but the timing just isn’t right.

Argh, poker is so cool, this site is great, and I’m at 0 chips right now ; all my chips have left me alone, once more…

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I only play No Limit Hold’em Poker tournaments and the occasional sit’n’go, but I went from 10 million on July 28th 2019 to 48 million on August 3rd 2019, which is a profit of, um, 38 million in 1 week. However, that was my best week on the site, and not average.

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Btw mate, missed this :

This is it, exactly. Haven’t got variance in my hands, but by saying all I’ve said I want to have it in my hands, would be easier.
I would hand it back to the Poker Gods when I would be top 500, I’m sure of that.

And also, thanks for your help, always nice :relaxed:

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Good luck with your studies. Priorities and responsibilities oh my :triumph: enjoy the rest of your holiday!

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Haha, I’ll get over it :wink: !

Thanks a lot dayman !