More Omaha H/Lo Tourneys please

Another Omaha Hi/Lo Tourney please?? We have been really enjoying the new Hi/Lo tourneys, but the times of 2.45pm and 10.30pm UK time make it difficult for a few of us. Would it be possible to have a tourney at around 7pm UK time? A freeroll would be great, but otherwise any 9 table tourney would be welcome. xx Kate


I think its a great idea and would love one:) gl xx

What a fantastic idea,would love that please reply :slight_smile:

I totaly Agree with kate. Now the omaha hi/lo is late for the european and I am even 1 hour later then Kate . The Omaha hi/lo is very late for me as thats 23:15 for me.

Please add games on a earlier evening european time like Kate suggested. txs, Ron :slight_smile:

yes please great idea

yes please would like to play more

have to agree, more hi /lo omaha

good idea

yes please…really good idea more hi/low omaha

yes a omaha hi/low for european players around 6pm/7pm is a great idea and would be fab more fitting for our time zone and players … bring it on please thanks

Hi all

Glad you like the Omaha Hi/Lo tournaments. More daily Omaha Li/Lo tournaments (and some Omaha Hi/Lo freerolls in the freeroll schedule) are planned and will be added when the new daily schedule comes online in October.

Greetings Happiness.

Thank you so much for your prompt reply Happiness. I am so pleased you will schedule more hi/lo tournaments and we will welcome them with open arms, especially if they fit in with the early evening for the European players. I have played the Wheel Omaha when my work schedule permits, and I have noticed a gradual increase in the number of players there. I also hope more 9 seater tournaments will be arranged, as that lends itself more to Hi/Lo than the six seater tables. Again, with thanks, Kate xx

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions Kate! We’ll do our best to satisfy everyone with the new daily tournament schedule:) And we shall keep some space for small adjustments (if necessary) the first weeks.

thank you very much happiness :)))

this is very much appreciated

cheers xx

Thankyou so much, will look forward to this :slight_smile:

Glad to see this thread! Thanks for the idea Kate! Thanks for the hard word Happiness! look forward playing soon!

nearly october :slight_smile:

Anything to get more interest and understanding. Freerolls would be best!!!

Hi all

From tomorrow more Omaha Hi/Lo tournaments and several Omaha Hi/Lo freerolls a week (daily MTT schedule is changed, some start times also)

Also Monday an Omaha Hi/Lo promotion starts.

Good luck and have fun! Greetings Happiness.

Thankyou so much replay, your the best :slight_smile: