More free chips?

At the top of my screen I see highlighted “Invitation chips awarded” and it goes on to say “You earned 2500 chips for invite checkfish”. What does this mean and how do u collect?

Can you please clear up ? Did you invite hem, right? Becouse I see the 2500 chips is credited to hem.

May some glitch on this, thanks for report it.

It may be a good idea to give chips if one posts a Photo of something. I do not know why but I like seeing what ever anyone puts up.

burg I love ya ,but for a photo,and free chips? I or any one else could put a photo on and then next day a different? I agree i love seeing a something, but this site doesnt have my mug showing, you have to look! Oh and its pretty! lol

I did look this problem and find out the chips added to the invited user. :frowning:

The tech staff know about it now, hopefully they sort it out soon.





how do you earn the free chips i dont see any link for it