More 9-hand Games (Omaha 8), please!

My main game is Omaha 8, but it’s damn hard to grind out much profit from a raked, spilt-pot, 6-hand game.

Why are most games 6-handed? Why not 10-handed, as in live casinos?

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Hi @Kebga

We do have 9 max Omaha Hi/Lo tables for every limit from 25/50 upwards.
10 Max is possible, but we treat that as a customisable table and it is used just in Private League tables.
Omaha Hi/Lo is second most popular to Hold’em but still does not always have 9 max tables going.
Players will join you if you sit at an empty 9 max table, but sadly, the tendency is to join a Wait List.



Do you mean 9 seat tables? I would like to see 4 seat tables also, sometimes it’s better to not have so many players on one table.


I love 4 players only, agree with you.


Thanks Chase, I’d like to see more of 'em to choose from, but I guess that’s up to the players.

So hey, Omaha Hi/Lo Players: please consider playing at tables of 9 instead of 6. 6 handed Hi/Lo results in so many more heads-up split pots, which the 5% house rake turns into a slight loss for both “winners”. With 9 starting, it’s much more often a multi-way showdown, where half the pot is a solid win!