Monthly Tournament

I have a competitive spirit and had more fun in the replay cup,the last few weeks.I would like to see a monthly tournament similar to the cup.challenge,except maybe make the point system a little easier to understand, such as in a 9 seat game it would be 9 points for a win 8 for second and so on in a six person game it would be 6 to win 5 for second … I saw more comradery and good sportsmanship than at any other tournament or game I’ve been involved in on this site.

Hi dwdawg,

Thanks for the feedback and the great idea. Really glad to hear you enjoyed the Replay Cup. :slight_smile:

I’ll be sure to leave a note for our scheduling team about this so they can take it into consideration. In the meantime, if anybody else has anything to add to this, please do!

Cheers, Lesley