Monthly Tourn Pts accumulations

Dear Staff,
While climbing up the monthly MTT-low board, once I hit the top 50 part
of the board, I seem to be accumulating points wierdly. When I go out on a tourn, it may
say “Tournament Pts 12,458” yet I only rise aprox 25% of that, say like 2500. Before I
hit the top 50, this was not the case, if I won 12k t-pts, I’d move up the chart the same 12k.
So I’m just wondering if there’s somehting I’m not understanding here. I did keep screenies.


Hi Sarah,

Your total score is the sum of tournament points won in your 40 best played tournaments that month.

When you’ve played 40 or more tournaments you must earn more tournament points than one of your 40 best played tournaments for going up on the leaderboard.

When you’ve played for example 60 tournaments and your lowest score of your 40 best played tournament is 4000 points you only go up when you earn more than 4000 points in a tournament (when you earn 6000 points you go up 2000 points in that case)
When you’ve played more that 40 tournaments and your lowest score is 0, you go up with the total number of tournament points.

thats an excellent explanation, thanks alot that explains it. you can delete this topic if necessary.

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