Money versus Money versus Free Chips versus Free Chips


Can we please stop the Money, Free Chips argument. It really is an empty argument that only frustrates all who enter it. The real question become at what level of play do a large majority of the players feel their actions have value. Value is the operative word, not money or free chips.

I know a number of very wealthy people and whereas I will bring $500 to the casino, they don’t consider $500 as playing for value. They want to buy-in at $50K. If and when they play my level they play loose aggressive. They are a pain in the are because they don’t put any value in their decision making.

I have 35M so if I play 2 and 4 I don’t care about anything. Free Chips like mine versus Free Chips by a newbie are entirely different kind of chips. It is like I am the high roller and will make life miserable for them not because I am vicious and mean, but because I don’t care.

So please friends when discussing MONEY versus FREE CHIPS stop trying to argue that there is some mythological difference between the two when there isn’t one iota of a difference in essence. To get a good game with “real” money or “play” money you need parity among and between the players. That is when value is important and what happens here is EXACTLY the same as a similarly based parity game at the casino.


Yeah, but the site is obviously rigged!


They say the site is rigged, swear they play “real money” poker, bought a set of chips to practice chip tricks to sit at a casino table waiting for AA in the 2/4 limit table. Walter Mitty lives deep down in every one of them. Their usernames say it all.

It took me a year of careful tournament play to accumulate what chips I have. My “fake” chips are very real to me, representing many hours of my life. Hours, I might add, well spent on the best poker site I have seen.

I don’t really think the site is rigged, as you no doubt know.

You bring up an interesting point, one we should all carefully consider. Thanks!

Precisely SPG. The chips do have a real value to many of us and as such we also must protect the validity of the system. My 35M is just as valid and valuable as RoughPokers 2B or as valid and valuable as somebody else’s 3M. What we need to know is to play within our range, knowing that the higher we go, the less likely we will find “loose aggressive” all-in bets. (I suggest strongly that every value based player should watch the highest ring games whenever they can spare a half hour; they will see incredibly great play.)


I disagree with this statement and find your reasoning unconvincing.

Well… now follow this logic as you may think I am throwing you a curve ball…

What if I told you that there is a public park in New York City where the basketball played is as good as and often better than the professional basketball that you see on television? I bet you wouldn’t subscribe to that idea either. The park is named Rucker Park and then you will understand what I am saying if you go there. Imagine, no money at all tied to playing good basketball!

And if you are saying you have big money poker playing buddies who can sit for an hour in our Hagia Sophia and come out of there with more chips than they go in with? So you go get your money-playing poker friends and I will arrange for them to play for an hour in Hagia Sophia and we will see how your friend does.

No Sir, I’m not making the argument that money players would be better at your Hagia Sophia table than the current players. Perhaps I misunderstood your original proposition, that there is no discernable difference in money and free chip playing.

My point is there is no useful purpose in discussing money poker versus free chip poker. In essence there is good poker play and bad poker play. You get very bad play at the $1/$2 tables in the casinos and you get equally bad play at the low end free chip play.

The higher you go in stakes, whether money or free chip, the better the play becomes because the people who are playing put greater value in what is won and lost.

What I am also saying is that there IS real value assigned to free chips by many players, and that is best illustrated by the play at the highest stakes being played at any given time.

I hope that makes sense.



Life is a finite number of hours. These hours, once spent, can never be recovered.

Jobs convert these hours into money.

This money can be spent to buy casino chips, thus trading life for chips.

On a “free” site, you can skip the “jobs to money” step and spend your time (which is life) accumulating chips. (You could also NOT skip that step and just buy chips)

So,in all cases, you are exchanging parts of your life for chips, there’s no difference at all. Whether on Replay, in a casino, or in a home game, you are literally playing for your life, and there’s nothing free about that.

No difference in the way people play poker with free chips vs money chips?
Stop giving away free chips on Replay for one month and see what happens.

I never said there isn’t a difference between the way some people play “free” chips and the way they play “real money.”

My point was that there is no actual difference between “free” chips, “casino chips,” and “money” because each of these are bought with the most precious currency of all… your life.

Those who understand this basic truth value their “fake” chips. Those who don’t understand it undervalue their chips. Misperceptions of reality don’t alter the underlying reality.

I’m sorry Whittaker deleted the post on “fake chips”. He makes a good point, a point many of the serious players forget or overlook, which is that the daily players earn (ha!) one million chips a year just by registering to play at ReplayPoker, and for many SnG and MTT players they also have earned (ha ha!) many more millions with bonus chips, all of which really skews the true earnings of the players. I am now at 37M and have to immediately deduct 2.5M from the daily registration, won 7 or 8 SnG monthly tournament at 1M each so need to deduct another 8M. So my true earned play chips, per Whittaker’s Thesis is likely around $25M. I think we are so programmed that we all forget this. It doesn’t change my mind regarding the essential value of won chips. Indeed because I know I have played against many players here who do buy chips regularly, it only strengthens my case that there is real value to the chips earned and no difference, essentially, in the quality of play. (Whittaker, please repost as it has value to the discussion.)


I respectfully decline Scratch.
I realized that if I continued my “thesis” to its logical conclusions, many higher ranked players would have their egos shattered and would associate that shattering with me.
Better they remain oblivious and I don’t get ‘SharonSmarty’d’.

Therefore I now disavow Scratch’s interpretation of my alleged post.
I state here, now and forever that the every player on this site has earned their chips with exceptional poker playing skill, and that there is no practical difference between Replay chips, casino chips and cash.
I believe they would be equally successful in real money games.
Group hug.
Peace out.

Here again I disagree. Your assumption is that all of life is equal therefore all the chips must be equal. The third hour of my sleep tonight is not equal to moment of the first kiss from my wife. Those times are as unequal as free chips are to money. As was pointed also the sacrifice to obtain them must be considered. Even so, like money I prefer to have more chips than less.

Yeah, fair enough. I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything, just sharing my opinion.

I value your opinion greatly and you are an asset to this community.

Thanks, you’re too kind.

I’m guessing you would agree that $100 in casino chips are the same as $100 in cash? $100 in Replay chips would be 2,000,000 chips, but no, it’s not exactly the same because you can’t cash them in.

Also, i didn’t trade a year of playing here for my chips. I traded it for the chips, the social interaction, the fun of playing, and other intangible things.

At the end of the day, anything only has that value which you assign to it.

The Value argument makes perfect sense to me. As I once read someone here state -

“They may be free chips, but the ones I have are MY free chips”