Mobile App pleaee

When is Replay poker developing a proper working mobile app? I used to play alot on desktop but as time went by I find that mobile apps are way better, more social and convenient… however I like Replay poker very much it would be so cool if there was a user friendly mobile app to download on play store, I store or app gallery,. It will broaden the audience, I took a long break from replay because I was getting tired of seeing the same faces and names,… especially in the MTT, because this is the sites best feature, but the same people still over all these years lol… it’s a new age… get a mobile app that works correctly, when you click on a person’s profile it doesn’t show rank etc… and the face down cards block the players chip amount… get a mobile app!!


so i had to play on my mobile as I was on the plane during the RTC and it worked fine @Bruin-O please be clear are talking GM or native App and send and email to replay with what you think and if you was tired of the same faces then not being able to chat on current GM is right up up your street - you stopped yet you are back – Why ? because no other site gives you this if it does then you would not be posting this as you would be happy with your new place

replay develops al the time so join in the fun or…

I don’t know why you being so defensive Tiggy, as we were friends, but anyone that knows me I’ve always praised the positive aspects of replay which is the MTT system and leaderboards, which no other site has, the mobile version of replay has many bugs… for instance… face down cards block the next players chip amount… and 2… when you click on a players face it doesn’t show rank etc… it’s very slow going from one screen to the next… I like the game, I’ve always liked it, I’m just mentioning what could be done better, that’s the whole purpose for a forum, I’m ranked 6300 currently so I will pop in now and again to play, but using a mobile is not a great experience.

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