Mobile app issues

Anyone else have issues with the mobile app today? I was unable to play at all. I still have desktop access. I decided to delete the app so I could reinstall it. However it is no longer available in the App Store? Says not available in my country/region?

Hi MaxwellOliver,

I remember a post with information about the Mobile App, this is the info that was posted on 18th August

fizzymint Operations Manager

Aug 18

Sorry for the confusion about this. Our app is temporarily unavailable, but I’ll link it once it’s visible in the app store again. Apologies for the inconvenience!

For those waiting on Android, we should have some good news right around the corner.

Hope this helps.

Exactly. It’s not even available on the App Store anymore.

I’ve had it on phone for months and it worked fine up until I made this topic. Just wish it was still available. I enjoyed being able to play on the go.

That’s not true. It never worked fine. It was taken down as it only played Ring Games , no chat and has been off the App Store for 2 months. I downloaded it also and deleted it finally as a security measure.

I downloaded it in July of this year and played daily with no issues up until yesterday. But yeah you’re right about no chat and it only being ring games/quick play. Must have been taken down shortly after I downloaded it.

Exactly right. Hope it comes back fully functional. Very convenient :+1:t2:

The Android version is available for download in the Google Play Store. I just downloaded it on my phone. My only issue is that it doesn’t recognize my user name and password–but that’s 99.9% likely to be my own fault. lol

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I can’t see issuing an Android App for download that’s not fully functional. Ring games only ? Just like the IOS App that was taken down shortly after launching. What’s the hurry? There are issues with the site that need to be addressed first I would think. The reviews were not favorable on the IOS app I read with only just over 100 downloads. Kinda turns players away from it that are new to Replay Poker.

Here’s hoping thing’s turn around.

I was never ever able to play with my Apple phone. Borrowed an Android device and was able to play in a MTT but that was awhile back. Gave up with IPhone :confounded:

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