Mixed Limit Freerolls

Many of us, myself included enjoy the daily Freeroll Multi-Table Tournaments, but they are all No Limit. What are the chances of introducing Mixed Limit Freeroll tournaments, to cut out all the pre-flop bingo nonsense. It’s a hot topic as we all know, and it ruins the game for so many of us. A Mixed Limit option would make for a good addition to the Lobby.

It could also be beneficial to new players who wish to practice tournament play, as they won’t have to deal with constant all-inners early on in the tournament.



I get your point. And I am definitely in favor of this suggestion. There is always something like a Bankroll Builder for 1k buy-in that is a pot limit holdem game. and there is also a freeroll for new players only the @100K Replay Rookie Freeroll


Yes, I’m aware of the Bankroll builder, but the prize amount is next to nothing compared to the 100.000 total on offer from the Daily Freeroll.


I don’t know about this. New players need to be able to adjust to Bingo players. I agree Bingo players are annoying to me but I’ve learned to adjust and adapt to their play.

MTT’s already offers Fixed Limit, Pot Limit and Mixed Limit daily games. You just need to adjust your Betting Limits options.



Initially, I loved the idea @BeerEagle69 However I have to agree with @smooth99 , sooner or later New Players will have to play against the Bingo players and need to learn how to play against them.


I was referring to Freeroll tournaments specifically, not all Multi-Table tournaments. And I suggested adding Mixed Limit, not replacing No Limit, that way everybody has a choice to play one or the other, or both.

Fixed limit and no limit would be just fine.

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Great idea come on replay lets do it.


Hi @BeerEagle69,

Thanks for the suggestion. We have 7 card stud Freeroll tournaments which are FL. I’ll make sure to pass along to the rest of the Team to have more Freeroll Tournaments other than No Limit. :slight_smile:


Yep, bingo players EVERWHERE and better to see and play against them and get used to it etc. and the faster the better.

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I would like to make an argument for bingoing early in freerolls.

I have a limited amount of time every day to play poker, and freerolls cost no chips to join.

If I don’t bingo, I spend maybe an hour playing a tournament with a starting bankroll of 3000 chips.

If I bingo with a hand that has 40% equity, and get a customer, then 40% of the time, I now have 6000 chips but if I play normally from here it still takes roughly the same amount of time to play. 60% of the time, I bust, but then can do other things with my time.

As you can see, the incentive structure clearly favors bingo play in freerolls.

For me personally, I dislike ML or FL tournaments, because proper bingoing (“snap-shoving”) is a key part of late tournaments. For instance, late in the tournament, I have 10BB, and have QQ on the SB, which is a great hand, but does not like seeing a post-flop. A few customers, and I make the max raise to 6BB. I’m already pot committed, and it’s frustrating to not be able to shove in this situation.

An alternative solution is to speed up the blind progression, to respect the time of non-bingo players. If freeroll tournaments completed a lot faster, I would have much less reason to bingo to save time.

Thanks, appreciate it.


I’ve just had a much more interesting idea on discouraging pre-flop bingo:

  • Double the prize pool from 100K to 200K.
  • The cost of the tournament goes from 0 to 100K (per player).
  • However, each player EXCEPT LAST gets 100K. (This way, it’s still effectively a freeroll for everyone else.)

This way, last place will subsidize the prize pool for the rest of the players, and last place will almost certainly be a bingo player.

With all due respect, that would only encourage bingo playing, not discourage it. The theory then would be "Oh it’s ok, I can just wait for the number to drop then keep going all in as I’m guaranteed a prize.

If that’s what you’re saying?

That isn’t going to accomplish anything. People that go “ all in all the time “ don’t last on the site because they actually don’t know how to play and are just here to aggravate other players.

Going all in on some hands is an art form and serious players use it accordingly

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See my post defending proper bingoing above.

Open shoving is appropriate in some cases, but there is no reason a serious player should bingo with stack sizes 50+BB deep. (In theory, one reason: ICM pressure, but players on this site don’t seem to respect it anyways.)
4-bet shoving is not bingoing.
Shoving postflop is not bingoing.

Certainly this suggestion will not penalize people who properly bingo - at least one player will be eliminated before stack sizes become shallow enough for serious players to consider bingo.

It may penalize people who bingo with massive stack sizes. Bingoing with massive stack sizes is not an art form; it’s terrible play.

Interesting suggestions, although I don t really understand them. I very much doubt this would discourage bingo play/players. Also adding new random structures & rules to the system just seems more complicated to me.

Adding a small amount of ML Freerolls - 1 in 10 or 20 - seems like a better solution to me. The issue is how many players like, or would tolerate ML as a an occasional alternative?


Penalizing players on Replay for spending their chips is not in Replay Pokers repertoire.

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Bingo players do not care about ANYTHING lmao, you ever notice a bingo player winning a tournament. I have not seen it yet:).


You got that right.