Misstated hand by the dealer, resulting in loss

Yesterday right after the “blackout”, RigaTrooper, had three eights, the dealer stated I had a pair of eights, and lost a substantial amount of chips. No big deal, but if you can look into this, thanks. RigaTrooper

Hi Riga Trooper

Was it Holdem or Omaha?

When it is Omaha it is possible, you must use 2 hand cards and 3 community cards to make your hand. When you have 888 in your hand, it counts as 1 pair.(only 2 hand cards you may use)

Can you give me the hand number please so we can check it? You find your played hands (ring games) on the page “Activity”.

When you click on your nickname in the header you get a menu, click on “Activity” and that page will open.

Greetings Happiness.

All requests for refunds must be sent to support@replaypoker.com or via the (?) icon on the website. When you request a refund please give us as much info as possible, eg. tournament name, id, ring game hand id, date/time, what exactly happened etc. That way we can quickly investigate and determine if a refund is due. Thanks!

No big deal, I might have been mistaken, let us bury this issue.

Thanks, RigaTrooper