Missing Start of a MTT

Dear Replay,

Twice last night I miss’d out on the 1st orbit of two different MTTs. It is extremely frustrating and should be looked at for a perm solution. I was “online”, so the software knows I’m on … I was registered more than 5 minutes before MTTs started. My screensaver had kicked in, I was 4’ away from my computer… The MTT started and there was no BEEP or anything to tell me the MTT started, buy the time I checked myself, I had miss’d a whole orbit.

This should never happen, if a player is “online” then it should auto-seat me including opening up that window. I then could hear the hands being folded or the bets being placed and at worst, prolly miss’d 2 hands max. At the very least it should have some audible tone to tell me the MTT started… something enuff to get my attention, that is. I’m sure I’m not the only person that after registering early for a MTT, is doing something else untill it starts. This may also apply to a SnG, or seating in a ring situation…

I can say I have had problems with seating in general before a event starts, where I’m looking at the general lobby, and not the MTT lobby and it doesn’t switch from “Register” to “Open Table” in time for me to click it and be seated before 1st hand. I’m assuming thats some sort of “update” issue, that should be addressed too. I have work-arounds for that… but sometimes, I register and then am in the room, but not @ my computer and I get no Freak’n Beep when a MTT starts and I’m missing more than just 1-2 hands, and its frustrating the hell outta me…

Can you help me ?

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Been there !!!

Our top priority after we finish our poker server upgrade is to make this a less frustrating experience for players. We’re thinking we’ll just have the table auto-open when the tournament is ready.


I like the yellow background I’m seeing from Staff and ownership on the posts :+1:t2: