Missing chips

I went to join a game unable to when I went back it showed I only had a little over 500 chips When I tried to join game I had almost 300,000 chips

For check up, need hand number, soo much work for staff look up without any info whatsoever. Right now you got 250000 in your bank. Your biggest played pot 57,170 Chips today.

I did look up hands I can, based on thet, looks fine. For more info, you have to wait for staff member.

Hi guard,

I checked your chip history from Sunday and show that you joined and left a big table, losing just 2,000 chips. Here is a screenshot.

For future reference, questions about your chip count, individual hands, or any other problems are better to send directly to support@replaypoker.com. This is a community forum and sometimes we can miss these individual issues. Thanks!

Cheers, Lesley